Former GE CEO Jeff Immelt
Former General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt visited SFS to discuss globalization and U.S. competition in global markets.

The Global Business (GBUS) major produces change-makers prepared for careers at the nexus of business, politics, economics and culture.

In today’s globalized economy, the private sector plays a significant role in all aspects of international affairs through its exchanges with governmental and non-governmental actors. Through the GBUS major, students gain rigorous training in international strategy, corporate ethics and social responsibility essential to mediating these exchanges in productive and mutually beneficial ways.

Students are provided with unique resources to explore the intersection of the private sector with international affairs. GBUS majors complement their political and economic education with courses offered through the McDonough School of Business (MSB) to advance their research skills and cross-cultural proficiencies. This integrated learning experience equips students with the business methods and tools necessary to understand the multinational firm and its behavior in the context of global social, political and economic forces.

Students in the program will:

  • Integrate business disciplines with courses in the humanities and social sciences
  • Acquire analytical tools in accounting, finance, marketing and operations
  • Analyze the interactions of businesses and governments in public sector policy making
  • Explore strategic considerations such as corporate ethics, social responsibility and environmental impact
Laura Lane (MSFS'90) President of Global Public Affairs for UPS speaking with students on campus.
Laura Lane (MSFS’90), president of global public affairs for UPS, speaking with students on campus.
Academics Anchor


GBUS majors have access to a wide range of courses offered by both SFS and the McDonough School of Business (MSB). Through the extensive offerings of both schools, students can design an individualized academic experience by combining business courses related to accounting, international marketing, corporate finance and business operations with their core political, economic and cross-cultural coursework in SFS.

Depending on their interests and career goals, students may also choose between the business core standard track and the business core finance track, for students pursuing careers in sectors where financial and managerial experience is especially valuable. The core standard track explores the broader role of business in international affairs, while the core finance track offers a deeper focus on accounting and management and is designed for students interested in pursuing advanced business education or careers in sectors requiring managerial and financial accounting expertise.

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Professional Communication with GBUS

Students will not only gain academic and professional experience in the world of international business; they will also learn to communicate their knowledge to diverse global audiences. The GBUS curriculum supports students as they become adept in discussion and debate, oral presentation and advanced-level writing. 

In upper-level courses, students strengthen their analytical writing skills through projects that range from one-page policy briefs and executive memos to long-form literature reviews and research papers. GBUS students will graduate with the ability to clearly and concisely communicate their ideas to a range of diverse, international audiences.

The GBUS Honors Thesis

Students in the Honors Program have the option to write a senior thesis, conduct extensive literature reviews and complete a formal research paper. Students work with a dedicated faculty member who advises them throughout the process to produce a robust piece of original research.

Academic Spotlight

“The GBUS major gave me the unique opportunity to combine my interests in international relations and business and explore the interconnection between the two.”

Nadine Lin

Nadine Lin (SFS’21) came to SFS for its international affairs-focused curriculum but wanted her studies to include perspectives on global business and finance, as well. “The GBUS major was the best major for me because it allowed me to become well versed in a variety of critical subjects like comparative politics, international relations, accounting, finance and economics,” she says.

Combining her many academic passions, Lin wrote her senior thesis on the financial and political implications of sustainable investing in the U.S. and Chinese energy sectors. Ultimately, she credits SFS with giving her the analytical framework of quantitative and qualitative skills to pursue a future career as a research analyst in the private sector.

Dean Hellman hosting Katrina O'Connell over zoom for digital coffee chat.
SFS Dean Joel Hellman hosted Katrina O’Connell (SFS’90), chief financial officer at Gap Inc., for digital a coffee chat with students.
Student Experience Anchor

Student Experience

The GBUS major’s cross-cutting curriculum, unparalleled access to business and international affairs leaders across two Georgetown schools and study abroad programs enable students to explore their passions and make their contributions to international business and finance.

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Study in the Heart of Washington, DC

As a hub of international business diplomacy, development and finance, Washington, DC, offers GBUS students one-of-a-kind opportunities to connect and intern with international financial institutions, multinational corporations, think tanks and regulatory agencies.

Learn more about student life in DC.

Justin Iorio

Internship Spotlight

GBUS major Justin Iorio (SFS’20) studied Swahili throughout his time at Georgetown and was able to hone his skills during a language immersion program in Arusha, Tanzania, which he attended with his twin brother, August (SFS’20). Iorio also found his dream internship during his time at Georgetown, gaining exposure to the television business as a production intern on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

Read more about Justin Iorio’s SFS experience here. 

International Opportunities

Through SFS and Georgetown’s extensive study abroad and internship options, GBUS students can witness the international business strategies and development programs they have studied in their coursework. In the past five years, GBUS majors have studied abroad in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Moscow, Russia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Beijing, China and numerous other locations in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Learn more about international opportunities at SFS.

Alima in India

Global Experience Spotlight

“I was attracted by the interdisciplinary aspect of the GBUS major. It gave me the opportunity to cross over the two schools and to fully take advantage of my Georgetown experience.”

Through the GBUS major, Alima Travaly (SFS’21) found the best of both worlds. As part of the major, she supplemented the many resources available to her as an SFS student with courses offered by the McDonough School of Business (MSB). This combination allowed Travaly to bring a unique perspective to her favorite Georgetown class, the India Innovation Studio. Presenting recommendations on canals and irrigation while abroad in Maharashtra allowed Travaly to communicate practical knowledge to a range of public and private stakeholders.

Read more about Alima Travaly’s SFS experience here.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At the very core of every major is a commitment to recognizing and celebrating cultural diversity and fostering an inclusive environment for all students. SFS is dedicated to welcoming students from all backgrounds to our community and the SFS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Office leads school-wide efforts to enhance DEI in the SFS curriculum, faculty and recruitment of students and staff. 

No matter their background or interests, students are sure to find like-minded and supportive peers here on the Hilltop. Whether through campus ministry, student groups or engaging with neighbors in DC, you can find your community at Georgetown.

Find out more about DEI at SFS.

Faculty Anchor


The GBUS faculty have more than just academic expertise to share with their students! They draw upon their backgrounds as global trade negotiators, international bankers, government advisors and corporate leaders to provide their students with a real-world perspective on the realities of global business in today’s world.

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GBUS Curricular Dean

Alumni at Centennial College NYC
Alumni continue to engage with SFS through events that offer learning opportunities long after they graduate.
Careers & Alumni Anchor

Careers & Alumni

When they enter the professional world, GBUS graduates distinguish themselves by their fluency in the language of business and their international perspective on how it relates to politics, economics and culture. This fluency — and the analytical skills behind it — open up careers in the private and public sectors, nonprofits and academia and allows students to move freely between these fields as their careers evolve.

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Building a Career at Georgetown

With DC on your doorstep, students can pursue career opportunities that can take them all over the world. GBUS students take advantage of the many internship opportunities here in the capital to begin building real-world work experience before they even graduate. 

At Georgetown, students connect with the Cawley Career Education Center, where they can meet with professional advisors who can help with everything from developing a perfect resume to nailing job interviews and exploring how to break into a new industry or field. And the Hoya network students build throughout their time at Georgetown can help unlock new opportunities throughout their careers. 

GBUS Alumni Spotlight

Alumna Camille Afable (SFS’19) is a corporate banking analyst in Technology, Media and Telecommunications group at Bank of America. The GBUS major helped to shape her career interests: shortly after declaring her major, she attended an industry field trip to New York City where she met with staff at a number of investment banks, sparking her interest in the banking sector!

Camille Afable

“The GBUS cohort has such a unique, unparalleled experience by learning from and being a part of the communities of two schools — it’s the absolute best of both worlds really!” she says. “I loved the balance between the theories of my SFS courses and the quantitative work of the MSB, and I know I built an incredible foundation in both the public and the private sector and the intersection of the two.”