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Career Building

Georgetown University and the Walsh School of Foreign Service are dedicated to helping students forge their career paths post-graduation. From our undergraduate and graduate career centers to our vast alumni network, SFS students have the resources they need to help them figure out their next step.

Undergraduate Career Support

SFS offers more than theory, striving to prepare its students for the future both in and beyond the classroom. About 95% of SFS undergraduates get an internship in Washington—with an average of three internships per student. SFS professors bring their real-world experience into the classroom, often mentoring students, advising on career paths and helping to build networks.

The following stats are based on a 82.9% knowledge rate, calculated from the known status of the Class of 2022 and sourced from the Cawley Career Education Center.

70.31% Successfully Employed
20.31% Continuing Education

Paul F. Pelosi Scholars Initiative

With the support of Paul F. Pelosi (F’62) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (H’02), SFS’s public service scholars program prepares undergraduates for a career in public service through professional development training and mentorship.

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Cawley Career Education Center

SFS undergraduate students benefit from the assistance of the Cawley Career Education Center, which educates students for lifelong career management through individualized consultations, workshops, job search tools, recruiting and a speakers program.

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Graduate Career Support

When you join the SFS, you gain access to the lifetime benefits of the SFS Career Center, which serves students and alumni from all eight SFS graduate programs. The center provides individual career advising, targeted job search skills workshops and bootcamps, a regular Career Bulletin, access to targeted employers through information industry sessions and site visits and access to WalshWorks, a database featuring thousands of job and internship postings.

Graduate programs also help to provide opportunities for students to secure internships around the world. SFS graduate students go on to internships in a wide range of fields, often with financial or programmatic assistance from their graduate program.

The following stats are based on a 83% knowledge rate, calculated from the known status of the Class of 2021 and sourced from the SFS Career Center.

88.4% Successfully Employed
6.2% Working Abroad

SFS Career Center

The SFSGCC serves students and alumni from eight SFS graduate programs, providing individual career advising, skills workshops, employer information sessions, and access to WalshWorks, a database featuring thousands of job and internship postings.

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Alumni Networking

The SFS alumni is a vast network that includes 29,000 alumni living in 120 countries. This network includes people working in leadership roles across all sectors, in the private sector in law and business, in the public sector in government and diplomacy, in multilateral organizations and NGOs, or in academia at universities or research organizations.

Hoya Gateway

Hoya Gateway, Georgetown University’s premier networking platform, is a community of over 8,000 alumni and students eager to connect for meaningful career conversations. Students can connect with volunteering alumni to gain a better understanding of career industries and to build a broad network of alumni resources.

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