The Walsh School of Foreign Service benefits from the advice and guidance of a Board of Advisors. The Board of Advisors is a group of engaged individuals united by the desire to assist SFS in maintaining its excellence into the future. The Board consists of approximately 35 members drawn from a community of business and civic leaders – many of whom are alumni or parents of students and all of whom share in and support SFS’ mission.

The chair and vice chair of the Board of Advisors are Sarah von Thun-Hohenstein and Olga Maria Campano Beeck.

Board Leadership Anchor

Board Leadership

  • Sarah von Thun-Hohenstein, (SFS’82, P’15)
    Chair, Board of Advisors
  • Olga Maria Campano Beeck, (SFS’81, P’15, ‘17, ’18)
    Vice Chair, Board of Advisors

    President, Alberto & Olga Maria Beeck Family Foundation
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Board Members Anchor

Board Members

  • Lindsey Argalas, (MSFS’98)
    Chief Executive Officer, TaxBit 
  • Colleen Bell, (P’22)
    U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, 2014-2017
  • Shéhérazade Semsar-de Boisséson, (SFS’90, MSFS’90, P’20, ’23)
    Chief Executive Officer, McCourt Global
  • Steven P. Buffone, (SFS’80, P’11, ’14, ’15, ’20)
    Founder & Managing Director of Kenilworth Advisors, LLC
  • Alma Caballero, (SFS’13, LAS’15)
    Managing Director at McLarty Associates
  • Stephen D. Cashin, (SFS’79, P’10, ’13)
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pan African Capital. LLC
  • Danny Chiu, (SFS’89)
    Chairman and CEO, Morrison Express Corp.
  • Michael Cling, (SFS’98)
    Partner, Tremblant Capital
  • Anthony R. Coscia, (SFS’81, P’10, ’12, ’16)
    Partner, Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf LLP
  • Brionne Dawson, (SFS’02)
    Emerging Markets Lead, Google
  • Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky, (SFS’77)
    Vice Chair, Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security
  • Patricia M. Duff, (SFS’76)
    CEO, The Common Good
  • Jonathan Farber, (SFS’90, P’24, ’26, ’27)
    Co-Founder and Managing Director, Lime Rock
  • Alex Farman-Farmaian, (P’23, ’25)
    Partner, Vice Chairman, and Portfolio Manager, Edgewood Management
  • Lulu Garcia-Navarro, (SFS’94)
    Lulu Garcia-Navarro – New York Times Opinion
  • Maysoune Ghobash, (SFS’89, P’22)
    Managing Partner, Gulf Target Holdings
  • Amy Rauenhorst Goldman, (SFS’86)
    CEO and Chair, GHR Foundation
  • Alan Gould, (SFS’83, P’24) 
    Founder and Co-CEO of MutualMarkets
  • Antonio Gracias, (SFS’92, MSFS’93, P’27)
    Founder and CEO, Valor Equity Partners
  • Andrew Gundlach, (SFS’93, MSFS’94, P’26)
    President/CEO, Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder Holdings/First Eagle Funds
  • Caroline Heinz-Youness, (SFS’84, P’14, ’18)
  • Joan Hill, (P’16)
  • Cecilie Rohwedder Horvath, (SFS’90, P’26)
    Reporter, Wall Street Journal
  • Tim Hughes, (SFS’94)
    Senior Vice President, Global Business and Government Affairs, SpaceX
  • Mehmet Kirdar, (SFS’97, P’28)
    President, Shepherd Futures
  • Dan Klebes, (SFS’85)
    Representative Director and President, GreenOak Investment Management, Japan
  • Jody LaNasa, (SFS’91)
    Founder, Managing Partner, and Chief Investment Officer, Serengeti Asset Management
  • Jennifer Tod Lee, (SFS’92, P’25, ’27)
  • Matthew J. Lustig, (SFS’82, P’20, ’23)
    Chairman, North America Investment Banking; Head of Real Estate & Lodging; Managing Director, Lazard
  • Preston Marquis, (SFS’16, SSP’17)
    Student at Harvard Law School 
  • Virginia L. Mortara, (P’04, ’09)
    President, The Michael and Virginia Mortara Foundation
  • Brian Newman, (SFS’90, P’21, ’25)
    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, UPS Inc.
  • Adam Norwitt, (SFS’91, P’26)
    CEO and President, Amphenol
  • Katrina O’Connell, (SFS’90)
    Chief Financial Officer at The Gap Inc.
  • Paul F. Pelosi, (SFS’62, P’88, ’89, ’91, ’95)
    Chair Emeritus, Board of Advisors
    President, Financial Leasing Services, Inc.
  • Mitchell Rutter, (P’12, ’14, ’20)
    CEO and Founding Partner, Essex Capital Partners, Ltd.
  • Yunho Song, (SFS’86, P’23)
    Special Assistant to the Chairman and CEO, Ping An Bank
  • Faisal Sukhtian, (SFS’06)
    Executive Director, GMS Holdings
  • Susan Swanezy, (SFS’81)
    Partner, Hodes Weill & Associates
  • Nick Talwar, (SFS’95)
    Senior Partner, K50 Ventures
  • Stephanie von Friedeburg, (SFS’87, P’17, ’20)
    Managing Director, Banking & Capital Markets Advisory, Citibank
  • Zaid Zaid, (SFS’97)
    Director, Head of U.S. Public Policy, Cloudflare
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