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Undergraduate Degrees

An undergraduate program with a legacy of academic excellence combined with a devotion to humanitarian service.

Core Curriculum

Students study a core curriculum in international affairs, government, economics, history, theology, philosophy, and geography, with a language proficiency requirement.

Students at Front Gates

Undergraduate Majors

SFS offers eight undergraduate majors, each of which allows students to engage with the substance of international affairs scholarship from a different angle.

Certificates & Minors

SFS students have the opportunity to complement their major course of study with an interdisciplinary certificate program and a foreign language minor.

Joint Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business and Global Affairs (BGA)

The McDonough School of Business and Walsh School of Foreign Service offer an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science in Business and Global Affairs (BSBGA), preparing students to lead at the intersection of business and policy.

Global Experiences

More than 70% of SFS students spend time abroad engaging with the global community during their undergraduate experience.

Centennial Labs

Centennial Labs are SFS classes built around an issue, idea, problem, or challenge in a real community. They develop practical approaches or solutions within the “lab”; and share it with the community beyond the classroom.