Academic Policies & Requirements

All SFS students must fulfill the requirements of the interdisciplinary core curriculum including classes in philosophy, theology, writing, government, economics and geography, as well as a language proficiency requirement. Every major has its own additional requirements, and SFS students have other opportunities including additional language study or writing a seniors honor thesis.

The School of Foreign Service takes academic integrity very seriously. Every student is required to complete the online Scholarly Research & Academic Integrity Tutorial during the first semester. Students also receive instruction on proper forms of citation and how to avoid plagiarism in first year courses such as the Proseminar.

Please visit the Honor System website for more information.



To view a detailed list of core curriculum – including the Non-Western Regional History course list , click here.

For information regarding the transfer of advanced credits for the 2016-2017 academic year (eg. AP and IB), please see pgs. 8-11 of the SFS First Year Students Preregistration Guide

For a detailed description of each major, its goals and requirements, click here.

To view degree requirements for graduation, click here.

To view major learning goals, click here.

For information regarding the completion of a senior honors thesis, click here.


Language Requirements

To view information regarding language study and proficiency requirements, click here.

To view language placement guidelines, click here.


Study Abroad

To view general information for prospective study abroad students, click here.

To view a detailed list of study abroad matriculation programs by language, click here.

To view information for current study abroad students on courseloads and returning to Georgetown, click here.



Effective with the class of 2019:
  1. Double counting between majors and certificates is limited to no more than two classes per major. All majors will allow double counting of two classes. Some certificate programs may allow fewer than two courses to double count.
  2. Each certificate program will have a capstone experience as defined by the program.
  3. Students are eligible to create a self-designed certificate. A self-designed certificate must be interdisciplinary, have support of two faculty members and receive final approval by the SFS Academic Standards Committee.