For 2022-2023 AY, SFS will be offering the following global experience classes with experiential components for undergraduate students. Many of these opportunities may include travel in the US or abroad. 

For more information, eligibility, and to apply, please visit the course links below. If the course has a travel component, travel will most likely be offered over the week of Georgetown’s main campus Spring Break (March 3 -March 12, 2023).

Applications open:         September 7, 2022

Applications close:        October 2, 2022 at 11:59pm (EDT) 

Interviews will be held:  October 3-14, 2022

Additional Information:  Students must be a main campus undergraduate student and may apply to only one of the opportunities. Please make sure to discuss your options with your academic advising Dean.

Questions or Application issues: Please email and copy                  


ARST 478 & 479 – CLab: Cultural Heritage in the Arab World – Egypt 

GBUS 463 – CLab: WTO Dispute Settlement “Trade Lab” – DC  

JCIV 310 & 311 – CLab: Holocaust Forensics – Europe 

JCIV 410 & 411 – CLab: Anti-Semitic Propaganda Research & Literacy Lab – VA/DC

STIA 481 – CLab: Problem Solving in a Destabilized Arctic – Alaska

GBUS 491 & 490 – CLab: Start-Up Studio (& GIPC) – DC

Other Courses with Travel:

INAF 324 & 334 –  Nobody’s Backyard: Grenada as a Case Study in Small Island Developing States