Category: Oral Histories

Title: Kendall Antonelli (SFS’04)

Kendall Antonelli (SFS ’04) is the first to admit she has made an unconventional career leap since graduating from the SFS. With her husband, Antonelli is president, co-owner and co-founder of a local cheese shop in Austin, Texas. Nevertheless, Antonelli says that her SFS training has served her well in her success in the food industry. “My time at Georgetown gave me a lot of different leadership opportunities that I pursued both on the Hilltop and taking advantage of D.C.,” she says. She still draws on the things she learned in the school’s four-course economics requirement, which Antonelli says were vital when she came to start her own business.

Remembering her time on campus, Antonelli says, “When you fly in over the monuments, it’s such an amazing feeling knowing that you’re coming home.” These days, she still lives by the mantra of one of her SFS professors to be “the best mother, wife, colleague and neighbor” she can be.