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Title: CGES USP Opportunities

The BMW Center for German and European Studies Scholars Program offers two distinct research-related affiliations with the Center. Please indicate in your application statement of purpose which option you are pursuing, and what your proposed research topic/activities would entail.

❖ Research Assistant for a core faculty member of the BMWCenter: Students interested in this option should contact a core faculty member: <> in advance to see if there is an opening for the 2024-25 academic year before applying. Number of slots: Pending

❖ TAPS Poster Session: “TAPS Scholars” conduct independent research on topics of their own choosing under the supervision of Professor Jeff Anderson. The focus of their independent research projects is on policy questions relevant to Europe, the United States, and the transatlantic relationship. The goal is the production of a policy memo, and the research experience includes a poster presentation at the annual February Transatlantic Policy Symposium (TAPS), an annual conference conceived and organized by the MAGES graduate students. Maximum number of slots: 3.