Undergraduate Certificates

Georgetown University hosts a speech by Robert Badinter for CEGS on Thursday, September 25, 2008, in Washington, DC. (Photos by Leslie E. Kossoff)

Georgetown University and the BMW Center for German and European Studies hosts a speech by Robert Badinter, Former French Minister of Justice.

SFS students have the opportunity to complement their major course of study with an interdisciplinary certificate program. Certificates emphasize regional or thematic areas of interest and serve as a blueprint for selecting elective coursework. For example, a student majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs (STIA) might choose to pursue a certificate in Arab Studies in order to integrate the student’s interests in technology with an understanding of its role in shaping revolutionary forces in the Middle East.

Students considering earning a certificate are encouraged to meet with their dean to explore ways to integrate certificate courses into their broader academic goals.

Effective with the class of 2019:

  1. Double counting between majors and certificates is limited to no more than two classes per major.  All majors will allow double counting of two classes. Some certificate programs may allow fewer than two courses to double count.
  2. Each certificate program will have a capstone experience as defined by the program.
  3. Students are eligible to create a self-designed certificate.  A self-designed certificate must be interdisciplinary, have support of two faculty members and receive final approval by the SFS Academic Standards Committee.

SFS students may pursue a certificate in any of the following programs:

For more information about the selfdesigned/independent certificate please read.

CCAS Moaz AlKhatib
Certificates - African Studies Program Oliver Tambo Lecture 2004 - Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, Albright, McHenry
CERES Dr. Sevak Sarukhanyan