• GHD Student Plans to take Georgetown Experience back to NGO Work with Refugees

    GHD Student Plans to take Georgetown Experience back to NGO Work with Refugees

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The #1 Master’s Program for International Affairs according to Foreign Policy magazine’s 2018 rankings.

The Walsh School of Foreign Service awarded its first graduate degree in the early 1920’s. Since that time, the School has continued to develop an innovative and exciting approach to graduate education for professional careers in international affairs. In a continually changing and unpredictable world, the overarching mission of the School is to prepare women and men to be creative leaders with a commitment to service and an understanding of the ethical component of global affairs. In order to achieve this mission, the School works to ensure that our graduate students have the proper substantive understanding of the international system and the necessary skills to thrive in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors of international affairs.

The Graduate Division of the Walsh School of Foreign Service consists of eight different degree programs and two joint master’s degrees with the McDonough School of Business.

Master’s Program for International Relations

First, the Master of Science in Foreign Service is a broad international relations degree, providing students the opportunity to have a grounding in core courses that cross the critical disciplines of international relations, history, and economics before focusing in a particular concentration.

Thematically Focused Master’s Programs

Second, there are two thematically designed degrees:

  1. The Master of Arts in Security Studies affords students the opportunity to explore the field of security in-depth, covering issues from intelligence and defense analysis to emerging issues such as the perils of peace operations or the intricacies of information warfare.
  2. The Master of Global Human Development provides students a general core of quantitative and analytical skills necessary for the development field and gives students the opportunity to develop a familiarity with one or more specialized areas of development, such as health, private enterprise, or environment/climate change.

Regional Master’s Programs

Third, there are five regional master’s programs that provide students with both functional skills and regional expertise through interdisciplinary training on the politics, culture, history, economics, and languages of the respective region:

  1. The Master of Arts in Arab Studies
  2. The Master of Arts in Asian Studies
  3. The Master of Arts in Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies
  4. The Master of Arts in German and European Studies
  5. The Master of Arts in Latin American Studies

Joint Master’s Degree Programs

Fourth, there are two joint degree programs offered through a partnership with the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business:

  1. The Master of Arts in International Business and Policy provides working professionals the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the drivers of business and international relations in the context of contemporary global issues.
  2. The Global Executive MBA is an international program designed for senior executives looking to enhance their management and leadership skills in topics such as global business strategy and management, policy making, and international relations.