SFS Academic Council

The SFSAC is the elected, representative organization of the SFS undergraduate population. As advocates for SFS students, the SFSAC collaborates with the Dean’s Office, the GU Student Association, and the other academic councils to address curricular reforms, promote inclusion and diversity, and generally enhance the SFS student experience. Additionally, the SFSAC enjoys membership on the SFS Curriculum Committee and the Georgetown University Inter-School Academic Council.

The committees of the SFSAC include Special Events, Communications, Advancement, Diplomatic Ball Planning, Centennial, and Professional Development. Through these committees, the SFSAC sponsors several events for students throughout the academic year, including the Diplomatic Ball, Trick or Treat on Embassy Row, and the Student Faculty Banquet.

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Please reach out to any officers or committee chairs below with feedback or suggestions using the NetIDs provided below! We would love to hear from you about your experiences and how we can work together to improve the SFS student experience.

Members of the Academic Council

Roopa Mulpuri, President (jrm327)

Roopa has been serving on the Council since her freshman year. She is originally from Nashville, Tennessee but now lives in Rockville, Maryland. Roopa is majoring in International Politics with an Italian minor. On campus, she is involved with SFS Academic Council, DPE Professional Foreign Service Sorority, and choreographing for Rangila. On the Academic Council, Roopa has been passionate about advocating for a South Asian Studies certificate, the expansion of available minors in the SFS, and supporting the diversity of student life in the school.

Daniel Wassim, Vice President (dew62)

Daniel Wassim is Vice President and Senior Representative on the Council, serving since his freshman year.  Originally from Bismarck, North Dakota, his extracurricular involvements include SFSAC, the Student Advocacy Office, the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, and interning at a public policy consulting firm.  On the Council, he is particularly focused on peer mentorship, increasing engagement between students and alumni, and facilitating partnerships between the SFS and the greater D.C. community.

Fabienne El-Cid, Senior Representative (fje5)

Fabienne is returning to the Council after having served as a Junior Representative last year. She is originally from North Wales, Pennsylvania and is majoring in International Politics and minoring in Arabic. On campus, she’s involved with the GSP Board, Lebanese Student Association, and the SFS Undergraduate Scholars Program. This year, Fabienne will be focusing on undergraduate professional development resources offered through both the Graduate Career Center and Cawley Career Center.

Ann-Kathrin Merz, Junior Representative (am3322)

Ann-Kathrin is a Junior Representative on the council, having overcome her fear of campaigning freshman year. She is originally from Stuttgart Germany, but has also lived in Virginia, Florida and California. Besides the SFSAC, at Georgetown she loves competing with the Ballroom Dance Team and working as a Research Assistant for one of her favorite professors. As a representative, she passionately advocates for student interests and supports diverse initiatives, including passing language minors, promoting the study of South Asia, addressing resource gaps for the university’s diverse communities and creating a Spanish Residential Community on campus.

Andreas Paraskevopoulos, Junior Representative (ap1245)

Andreas has been serving as a representative on the council since his freshman year. Originally from Athens, Greece, his extracurricular involvements include SFSAC, The Caravel, the International Students Association, Club Swimming, and interning at the House of Representatives. As far as the Council is concerned, he is passionate about the affairs of international students, and diversity in the SFS community.

Forrest Gertin, Treasurer & Sophomore Representative (fjg33)

Forrest Gertin is Treasurer and Sophomore Representative on the Council, serving since his freshman year. Hailing from Rochester, New York, he is involved with student theatre, the Justice & Diversity in Action Living Learning Community, and Georgetown New Student Orientation. His focuses on the SFS Academic Council are inclusive curriculum reform, faculty sensitivity and engagement, and facilitating peer mentorship opportunities.

Ines Oulamine, Secretary & Sophomore Representative (iso5)

Ines is a returning representative on the Academic Council. She is a sophomore studying International Politics from Saint Louis, Missouri. This year, she hopes to pilot one-credit language classes, advocate for the financial accessibility of the proposed study abroad requirement, and evaluate the diversity of points of view offered in PST, the required political theory course for all SFS undergraduates. Elsewhere on the Hilltop, Ines is a member of Club Boxing and Hilltop Microfinance Initiative.

Felipe Lobo Koerich, Freshman Representative (fl408)

Felipe Lobo Koerich is Freshman Representative on the Council. Originally from Campinas, Brazil, he has lived in Amsterdam, Houston, and New Orleans. He is currently involved with the Concert Choir, the International Relations Club, the Caravel, and the SFS Academic Council where he focuses on curricular changes, particularly relating to increasing available minors for SFS students.

Siddharth Muchhal, Freshman Representative (sm3320)

Sidd is a freshman considering a major in International Political Economy. He hails from the good ol’ state of New Jersey, and along with Academic Council, he’s involved with the International Relations Council, Rangila, and the Hindu Students Association. Sidd is hoping to help make SFS an even more inclusive place that can provide a variety of opportunities for students from every walk of life. And last but not least, he is looking forward to making the upcoming centennial an amazing event for everyone in the SFS community.

2016-2017 Committee Chairs

Ben Ulrich, Special Events Chair (btu2)

Ben is a sophomore from central Pennsylvania planning on majoring in STIA. He is serving as the chair of the Special Events committee and is thrilled to be planning some truly special student-focused events this year! Besides SFSAC, he is the RA on Harbin 5 and a trumpet player in the Pep Band. Ben can’t wait to start providing some amazing programs for the SFS that are both enjoyable and meaningful.

Sarah Hannigan, Chair of Professional Development (sh1185)

Sarah serves as the Opportunities Chair and is a senior from New York City studying International Politics with a concentration in Security. Sarah is an undergraduate scholar with the Center for Security Studies, a Krogh Scholar, and was previously an editor of the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. While at Georgetown, Sarah has worked for the Proliferation Prevention Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies; BerlinRosen; the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; and Congressman Seth Moulton.

Christine Yang, Chair of Communications (chy8)

Christine has previously served on many positions on the Council including Special Events Chair and Junior Representative. Originally from Saginaw, Michigan, Christine is also involved with DPE Professional Foreign Service Sorority and On the Academic Council, Christine has been an advocate of providing more opportunities for students to interact with alumni and pioneered the new SFSAC website.

Bianca Corgan, Director of Social Media (bmc86)

Bianca Corgan is a sophomore serving as the Director of Social Media. She is majoring in Regional and Comparative Studies and minoring in French. Although she was born in New York City, she currently calls Miami, Florida home. At Georgetown, Bianca participates in the S.F.S Scholars Program, serves on the board of the Pre-Law society as the Director of Communications and works as the Director of Design and Layout for Bossier Magazine. Through Academic Council, she hopes to foster a better sense of community throughout the S.F.S by launching a student and faculty spotlight initiative on our social media pages.

Christa Sowah, Chair of Advancement (kcs84)

Kaimansa Christa Sowah is serving as the Chair of Advancement this year. It is her first year at Georgetown and on the Council. She’s originally from Accra, Ghana. On campus, she is involved with writing for The Caravel‘s North and Sub-Saharan Africa section and plays club Water Polo. She is looking forward to designing SFS merchandise and planning many engaging fundraising events. A special initiative for Advancement this year will be making Diplomatic Ball tickets more financially accessible to students through a long-term fundraising effort.

Peter Remsen, Centennial Chair (wpr3)

Peter is serving as this year’s Centennial Chair. Originally from Massachusetts, he is an Outdoor Education Guide, works with the India Initiative, and spends the rest of his time studying Arabic. Through the Council, he is working on increasing the visibility of the Centennial Campaign and including student perspectives in the school’s long-term planning.

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