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Title: Under Secretary of State David Hale (SFS’83)

Ambassador David Hale Headshot

David Hale (SFS’83): Georgetown Taught Me the Fundamentals


Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale (SFS’83) was in former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s first class at Georgetown, where he learned basic principles that still guide him today. “She taught me that our nation’s strength is based on our values, the strength of our economy and the strength of our military,” he says.

Hale would go on to work in the State Department, where he continued to work with his old professor in various capacities. As ambassador to Jordan, Hale worked with fellow Hoyas in the Jordanian government, including King Abdullah II.

“You find Georgetown alums making a difference in so many walks of life, not just high government positions, but other areas as well,” Hale says.