Tipa Attasivanon Links Her Practical Experience in Latin America with an Academic Grounding

Tipa Attasivanon is a graduate student in the Latin American Studies program (MALAS’19). She holds a full scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, where she will be working after graduation. “This program has allowed me to link my past fragmental experiences in many Latin American countries with academic knowledge, theories and analytical skills, which I have gained from all of my classes here,” says Attasivanon.

Georgetown Team Wins Migrant & Refugee Category at VHacks

VHacks, a hackathon at the Vatican, brought 120 students together from around the world to work to develop technology solutions to issues related to social inclusion, interreligious dialogue, and migrants & refugees. The Georgeteown team won in the migrants & refugees category with a software that would help migrants and refugees find housing and other services in their communities. The software would incorporate any pertinent financial information available and connect users with guarantors within their faith communities.

SFS Students spend Spring Break exploring the globe

For SFS students, spring break often means something other than a vacation. This year, nearly 100 SFS graduate and undergraduate students went abroad as part of spring break programs taking them to Africa, South America, Europe, South Asia, and the Middle East to explore first-hand the issues they had been learning about in the classroom.

Forrest Gertin

Forrest Gertin (SFS’20) Ends Term as National Leader in Boy Scouts of America

Forrest Gertin (SFS’20) ended his term in January 2018 as the 2017 National Chief of the Order of the Arrow. As one of the three of the highest-ranking Boy Scouts in the nation, he represented over 170,000 members of the Order of the Arrow in Congress, on the national board of the Boy Scouts of America, at the annual Boy Scouts of America National Scout Jamboree, and to the nation.