Arun impresses at Palo Alto school board meeting

Advait Arun (SFS ’22) impressed local school board officials at a recent meeting. Arun spoke to the panel on issues such as equity, campus climate around harassment, and graduation requirements.

Opalo weighs in on abundance of African presidential candidates

Professor Kenneth Opalo spoke with Quartz Africa to discuss the large numbers of declared presidential candidates in African elections. According to Opalo, “with strong presidencies, dysfunctional and weak parties, and a political culture steeped in clientelism, this gives individuals an incentive to run on their own.”

Christine Fair

Fair unsure of Pakistani transformation under Khan

Professor C. Christine Fair appeared in the New York Times to weigh in on Pakistan’s President-elect, Imran Khan. While some experts predict that Khan will take Pakistan in a different direction than other leaders have, Fair argues that Khan has maintained dangerously close relationships with extremists, which could mean more of the same policies.

Christine Fair

Fair discusses Pakistani presidential candidate Imran Khan

Professor Christine Fair spoke with the New York Times to discuss former Pakistani cricket player and Presidential favorite Imran Khan. While Khan has claimed independence from the powerful Pakistani military and intelligence services, Fair argues that the military has been assisting him all along.

Nexon describes Trump’s effects on allies

Appearing in Business Insider, Professor Daniel Nexon argued that while it is still too early to tell how much damage President Trump has done to allies’ views of the U.S, Republicans’ continued avoidance of placing a check on the President’s actions is not helping.