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  • SFS On Topic: U.S. - China Relations

    SFS On Topic: U.S. - China Relations

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Professor Elizabeth Saunders on Trump’s Handling of Iran

Professor Elizabeth Saunders was recently quoted in an article about President Trump’s decision to halt retaliatory strikes against Iran. Trump responded to pundits’ struggle to define him as either a “hawk” or “dove.”  Saunders said, “I don’t think he’s looking for a major intervention and a major war. He has in the past been receptive to pinpoint strikes that demonstrate strikes that show strength. Such an option may be completely illusory, but if it could be sold to him that way, that’s what he could grab on to.”

Professor Sarah Johnson on Whether There is Life on Mars

Though NASA’s Curiosity rover has recently detected a potential biological source, some researchers believe it is too early to claim whether there is life on Mars. Professor Sarah Johnson stated that answers to this question may be presented in a statistical form, rather than as a definitive yes or no. “We’re trying to move away from this binary ‘This Is Life / This Is Not Life’ … but really change the approach into something like ‘this is 3-sigma away from what we would expect from abiotic processes,’” Johnson said.

Professor Sarah Saunders on Trump’s Shifting Signals to Iran

Following his decision not to launch a military airstrike against Iran, President Trump has presented shifting accounts that demonstrate uncertainty within his own administration. In an article by the Los Angeles Times, Saunders said, “The thing in his tweets that’s really alarming is when he says ‘10 minutes before’ the strike he asked how many people would die. An experienced leader would be asking that hours before that.”

Bob Colacello (SFS ’69) Interviewed for Bomb Magazine

Bob Colacello, SFS ’69, has had an illustrious career as a film writer. In the 70s, he was the managing editor for Inside Magazine, Andy Warhol’s publication. The interview in Bomb Magazine mostly focuses on Colacello’s friendship with Warhol and their photography project — the column entitled “Out” — they worked on together. Colacello went on to contribute to Vogue, but his time in Andy Warhol’s social circle is the topic of his new book and collection of photos, “Pictures From Another Time: Photographs by Bob Colacello, 1976–82.”

Professor Abdullah Al-Arian Reflects on the Life and Legacy of Mohamed Morsi

Abdullah al-Arian, professor of History at the School of Foreign Service in Qatar, was cited in Aljazeera’s obituary for Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. Morsi, the first and only democratically elected president in Egypt’s history, died June 17th at the age of 67. Professor al-Arian notes that Morsi was not, as many Egyptians hoped at the time, fully in charge of the Egyptian state, and he struggled with presenting his decisions in a way that was palatable to the Egyptian people. His election was perhaps not as revolutionary as originally thought; according to al-Arian, when the Muslim Brotherhood was in office, they held only the “illusion of power.”

Student Activist Anna Landre (SFS ’21) Subject of Washington Post Column

Anna Landre (SFS ’21) is a columnist for the Hoya, a rising SFS junior, and an activist for people with disabilities both on and off campus. Recently, she was informed that the state of New Jersey was cutting the healthcare funding that allows her to have a full time aid. That decision put her future at Georgetown in jeopardy, but she went public with her struggle, hoping to secure lasting change. A recent column by the Washington Post profiles her campaign in the media. We are excited that Anna will be able to receive the care she needs for the rest of her time at Georgetown.

GIWPS Cited in Statement By Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) mentioned the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security in his opening statements chairing a hearing in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Rubio is the chair of the subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, and the hearing was titled “Women in Conflict: Advancing Women’s Role in Peace and Security.” In his opening statement, Rubio cited research by Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security which found that women are instrumental in building lasting positive peace agreements.

SFS Alumna Sees Education and Healthcare as “Gamechangers” For Women

Marne Martin (SFS ’97) is an international tech executive who works as president of IFS Service Management and CEO of Work Wave. She was recently profiled by Thrive Global, where she said that her drive for success is what led her to the School of Foreign Service, and that if she could inspire any movement, it would be one towards helping women and girls receive the education and healthcare they need.

SFS Professor James Millward on Hong Kong Protests

The protests in Hong Kong against an extradition agreement with mainland China have drawn international attention. In a recent article in Time Magazine, SFS history professor James Millward provided some context for this movement. Many in Hong Kong, according to Professor Millward, are worried that China will use the island to experiment with the data harvesting methods it employs in Xinjiang. China, Millward notes, might be making a mistake by attempting to ram through such an unpopular law; perhaps it is creating a new generation of Hong Kong autonomy activists.