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  • SFS On Topic: U.S. - North Korea Singapore Summit

    SFS On Topic: U.S. - North Korea Singapore Summit

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Green suggests that South Korea preserve the ‘bloody nose’ option

Professor Michael Green discussed the current state of relations on the Korean Peninsula within the scope of President Trump’s recent summit in Singapore. Green argues that South Korea must be prepared to “bring sticks to the table” if diplomacy does not lead to North Korean denuclearization.

Arun impresses at Palo Alto school board meeting

Advait Arun (SFS ’22) impressed local school board officials at a recent meeting. Arun spoke to the panel on issues such as equity, campus climate around harassment, and graduation requirements.

Pfotzer begins journey to make a global impact

Alison Pfotzer (SFS ’18) and her fiancé recently traveled to Cote d’Ivoire to study french and begin international development work. Pfotzer is taking a full courseload of French language classes and is planning to stay on the African continent for “at least a few more years.”

Opalo weighs in on abundance of African presidential candidates

Professor Kenneth Opalo spoke with Quartz Africa to discuss the large numbers of declared presidential candidates in African elections. According to Opalo, “with strong presidencies, dysfunctional and weak parties, and a political culture steeped in clientelism, this gives individuals an incentive to run on their own.”

Sheehan passes away after fight with cancer

Michael Sheehan (MSFS ’88) passed away after a fight with multiple myeloma, a type of cancer. Sheehan, a former top counterterrorism official across federal, state, and local authorities, was one of the first experts to warn of Osama bin Laden’s threats.

Ciddi previews lecture series on radio show

Professor Sinan Ciddi appeared on a South Dakota radio show to preview his upcoming lecture series, “Democracies in Decline.” The lecture series will focus on the downfall of liberal democracies in the 21st century.

Lide and McFarland explore arctic melting’s effects on global diplomacy

In a Washington Post op-ed, Professors Vanessa Lide and Kelly McFarland explored the intersection between growing temperatures in Antarctica and potential effects on global diplomacy and security. According to Lide and McFarland, the emergence of new waterways and commercial routes will also bring new global challenges.