Clubs and Activities

Whether interests lie on the specific politics of a geographic region or focus on local community service, clubs and activities specifically geared for graduate students are a great way to build constructive communities and expand horizons. Certain organizations are open to all graduate students at Georgetown, while some are reserved for graduate students in SFS.



The Africa Forum

The Africa Forum works to spread awareness and promote dialogue about the 54 nations of Africa amongst Georgetown University graduate students by hosting professionally-focused events, promoting awareness of African culture and history, enabling outreach to the local African community and experts in African issues, and keeping members aware of current international affairs issues in Africa.

Georgetown Asia-Pacific Forum

The Georgetown Asia-Pacific Forum (APF) connects graduate students, alumni, and practitioners who are interested in Asian affairs, including East Asia and Southeast Asia. APF aims to facilitate interests and deepen understandings on issues in the Asia-Pacific region–ranging from politics, economy, and development to culture and food.

Big Buddies

Big Buddies seeks to engage inner city children from the D.C. area with Georgetown students in activities around the city. Big Buddies aims to support and mentor future leaders (and hopefully future Hoyas!), serving as a program for graduate SFS students to reach out to underprivileged children in Washington, DC.

Georgetown Anti-Poverty Society (GAPS)

The Georgetown Anti-Poverty Society (GAPS) hosts presentations, panels, workshops, and other events that connect graduate students with a variety of international development practitioners from the public, private, multilateral, and non-profit sectors.

Georgetown Journal of International Affairs

The Georgetown Journal of International Affairs was founded to serve as an academic resource for scholars, business leaders, policy makers, and students of international relations alike, cultivating a dialogue accessible to those with all levels of knowledge about foreign affairs and international politics.

Georgetown Women in International Affairs

Georgetown Women in International Affairs (GWIA) aims to strengthen the competencies that are the foundation of quality leadership among our graduate students and to increase the visibility of women in international affairs. Through interactive programming, GWIA connects, empowers and prepares emerging women leaders.

Hoya Circles

Hoya Circles  is Georgetown University’s first multicultural graduate organization. To further recognize the talents and leadership abilities of Georgetown’s minority communities – such as Asian American & Pacific Islander, Hispanic, African American, and Native American students – Hoya Circles  aims to serve as a support network to strengthen professional competencies, and increase the participation of minority students in the School of Foreign Service (SFS) while also preparing them to become leaders in the field of international affairs.

Latin American Graduate Organization

The Latin American Graduate Organization (LAGO) is dedicated to promoting the study, appreciation, and understanding of Latin America at Georgetown University and provide students with social, academic, and professional development opportunities.

The Middle East and North Africa Forum

The MENA Forum serves to raise awareness about pressing issues in the Middle East and North Africa among the Georgetown community, and to help foster graduate student engagement with faculty and policy professionals involved in these issues.

Professionals in Russian, Eastern Europe and Eurasian Affairs (PREEA)

PREEA brings together students, academics, and practitioners interested in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia for lectures, open discussions, networking events, and celebrations of the diverse cultures of the region.



Georgetown Journal of Asian Affairs

The Georgetown Journal of Asian Affairs is the flagship bi-annual publication of the SFS Asian Studies Program at Georgetown University. Established in 2014, the Journal aims to provide a forum for scholars and practitioners in the field of Asian affairs to exchange ideas and publish research that further the understanding of the world’s largest and most populous continent. The Journal welcomes original social science research papers written on issues relevant to politics, security, economy, culture, and society of contemporary Asia, including Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Georgetown Security Studies Review

Georgetown Security Studies Review (GSSR) is the official academic review of Georgetown University’s Center for Security Studies. Its mission is to contribute to security policy debates by exposing both specialists and general interest readers to a wide array of perspectives on both current and historical international affairs issues. SFS students are encouraged to contribute either to the Review or to the GSSR Forum, an online-only component of GSSR which hopes to contribute to ongoing debates about U.S. foreign policy, national security, and international security.

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