Graduate Profiles 2022

“Going to Georgetown represented choosing a belief in the value of public service.”

“The thing that I’m most grateful for is the amazing group of women I was introduced to along the way, who I call my ‘girl tribe.'”

“SFS changed the way I see international policy, foreign affairs and the way I view my role as a global citizen.”

“I strongly value the sense of community that we have been able to build during our time in the Asian Studies program.”

“Over the past four years, I’ve found friends and experiences that will shape the trajectory of the rest of my life.”

“My Arab Studies degree connected me to a wonderful and lifelong community that I will always cherish.”

“I’ll look back on my time at Georgetown as some of the most challenging, rewarding and proud moments of my life.”

“This was an important transition period in my life that helped me focus in on what I truly care about most.”

“My friends at Georgetown, these people that I’ve met, I just know I’ll be friends with them for the rest of my life.”

“I hope to do as much good as I can with my expertise. I am confident my SFS curriculum has prepared me to succeed.”

“Attending Georgetown expanded my perceptions of what my (or anyone else’s) future career could be.”

“SFS has proven that it stands on the right side of history, which makes me even more proud to be called a Hoya.”

“The way GHD exposed me to the entire international development landscape gave me a sense of all that is possible!”

“My peers are all looking to make a difference, so that’s what sets this place apart, makes it so special.”

“I seek to create change through collaboration between the private and public sectors.”

“So early at my time on the Hilltop I really felt like this is exactly where I’m meant to be.”