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Title: Dr. Christina Hanna (SFS’08)

Dr. Christina Hanna (SFS'08)

Dr. Christina Hanna (SFS’08) Combines SFS Education with Pediatric Oncology

Christina Hanna (SFS’08) still remembers the first time she sat in Dean Mini Murphy’s office and declared her major as Science, Technology, and International Affairs. “I had a really crazy idea that I wanted to go to medical school, but also study international affairs. And I think it overwhelmed both of us.”

After graduating from the SFS, Hanna pursued a Fulbright Fellowship in Egypt for a year before returning to Georgetown for medical school. She is currently a physician-in-training for pediatric oncology, splitting her time between a hospital in Philadelphia and one in rural Rwanda. She credits the mentorship she received while at Georgetown, the classes at the intersection of science and international affairs, and the leadership skills she learned with her success in her career. “What I have noticed, especially with my non-traditional path through the SFS, is that really we’re creating leaders in all kinds of fields.”

She advises current SFS students to find their passion. “Starting the process of honing what you’re interested in and finding the people who are doing what you’re interested in is an incredible launch pad.”