Commitment to Service

At SFS, service is not just a particular career path. It’s an approach to solving problems that is just as relevant in the private sector as it is in the public sector. Members of the SFS community utilize Georgetown’s Jesuit values no matter what they go on to do after they leave the Hilltop.

Denny Newhouse-Burma
Moving Rocks

The Intersection of Scholars and Practitioners

At SFS, students learn from recognized experts who are actively engaged in finding solutions to complex global problems. You can study with former Secretaries of State, with people who led huge multinational corporations or with renowned scholars in international affairs. Students can attend events with speakers who come from the top of their fields, across all sectors of foreign affairs. Both students and faculty bring their expertise into the classroom and onto campus, facilitating a learning environment that pushes students to constantly challenge big ideas with experience and practice from all over the world.

Chuck Hagel

Depth of Understanding of Countries, Regions and Cultures

At SFS there are more than 20 different centers and programs that cover all regions of the world and key cross-cutting global issues.

Convening Power in Washington, D.C.

SFS is located just minutes away from the State Department, the White House, the Pentagon and countless nonprofit organizations. This gives SFS the extraordinary opportunity for us to engage (and sometimes even influence) the debates that lead to real action.

Charlie Lowe-Senate Internship
Kirsten Albers-USAID Internship_Fotor
Preston Marquis-DOJ Internship_Fotor