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Jairam Ramesh, Indian MP Addressed Upcoming Climate Change Negotiations

Jairam Ramesh looked toward the future – to a conference set in Paris in 2015 – where it is expected that an international agreement on climate change will finally be reached. Mr. Ramesh, Member of Parliament in India and India’s chief negotiator at the international climate change conferences in 2009 and 2010, addressed climate change negotiations from the past 20 years as well as upcoming talks in a lecture sponsored by the SFS Asian Studies Program and the Georgetown-India Dialogue last Friday.

University Holds Interdisciplinary Symposium on Ebola Crisis

Georgetown held an interdisciplinary symposium on the rapidly growing Ebola epidemic in West Africa, demonstrating yet again its ability to address multiple dimensions of the crisis, including medical, legal, ethical, political and security issues.

Alumna Q&A: Sharon Kelly McBride (F’98)

Sharon Kelly McBride (F’98) looks back at her time at Georgetown and how that exposure to the world of international relations led to her current work in advocacy at Human Rights First.

Visa denials scuttle play with Syrian actresses at Georgetown

Cynthia Schneider, co-chair of Georgetown’s Laboratory of Global Performance and Politics, spoke to The Washington Post about the U.S. State Department’s decision to deny visas to Syrian women coming to Georgetown to perform in a play. “This is the greatest…

Cuban Blogger, Journalist Now Yahoo! Fellow at Georgetown

The School of Foreign Service and its Institute for the Study of Diplomacy announce award-winning Cuban journalist and author Yoani Sanchez as its new Yahoo! Fellow in International Values, Communications, Technology and the Global Internet.

5 Minutes with former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates

Robert Gates, who served as the 22nd United States Secretary of Defense from 2006 until 2011 and earned his Ph.D. in Russian and Soviet History from Georgetown University in 1974, discusses leadership in foreign service and his role in the…

CGES presents “1914 Revisited: How Europe Went to War”

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that the First World War represented the sort of worst case scenario, the worst imaginable initial condition for the twentieth century,” said historian Christopher Clark in a talk given at Georgetown on…

SFS Mourns Loss of Professor Harm de Blij

SFS Mourns Loss of Professor Harm de Blij

The School of Foreign Service is saddened to report that former SFS professor Harm de Blij died on March 25, 2014. Our condolences are extended to his family and friends. An acclaimed geographer, De Blij was a faculty member at…