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Byman on Hunting Lone Wolves

Professor Daniel Byman writes in Foreign Affairs about “lone wolf” terror attacks. “Although lone-wolf attacks are hard to prevent, governments in the West can do several things to make them less likely and to prepare for those that do occur.”

SFS Plans Program Changes For Class of 2022

The Hoya reports on plans to modify the SFS undergraduate degree program affecting the Class of 2020 and beyond. Plans include adding a science requirement and reducing the number of major course requirements. Details have yet to be announced.

Abdelkader On DHS Policies That May “Single Out” Islam

“Insofar as the administration is singling out Islam as the root of terrorism,” Professor Engy Abdelkader said, “one could argue a violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause because it disfavors one faith tradition and group in contrast to others.”

Abdelkader on Muslim Ban & Islamophobia

Professor Engy Abdelkader writes that a wave of legislation, orders, and proposals are “informed by anti-Muslim prejudice and hatred.” These developments “are not actually about protecting us from terrorism,” she writes. “It’s about Islamophobia.”

Mayda On U.S. Withdrawal From TPP

Professor Anna Maria Mayda said U.S. departure from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) gives ground to China, leading negotiations on its Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). “[TPP] was a way for the U.S. to effect its own rules in that part of the world,” she said. Now, “a void is left.”

Hunter: Iran Should Take American Threats Seriously

Professor Shireen Hunter writes that as Trump’s policies offer Iranian leaders a “stark choice” either to prioritize survival or to risk sacrificing it for “some vague notion of Islamic universalism and anti-imperialist struggle… some Iranians would welcome a chance to entangle America in a long war” despite the costs.

Hoffman On Trump’s Claims About Terrorism Media Coverage

Professor Bruce Hoffman, Director of the Center for Security Studies, told the Miami Herald, “Attacks are always reported, in my experience, somewhere,” but there are exceptions in cases of “failed plots, aborted plans, or bombs that failed to explode.”

Deletant On Romania’s Protests & Its Communist Past

Professor Dennis Deletant writes that corruption, autocratic impulses, and incompetence have characterized the attitudes and actions of successive Romanian governments and the bureaucracy since the revolution in 1989.