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Matthew Kroenig on the Importance of U.S. Nuclear Weapons

Professor Matthew Kroenig argues that the world is a safer place with U.S. nuclear weapons in response to the Nobel Peace Prize that will go to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), an organization that supports the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Daniel Byman on al-Qaeda’s Declining Influence

Professor Daniel Byman argues that al-Qaeda’s influence is in decline, partly due to U.S. efforts to isolate al-Qaeda in Syria. As the Islamic State gains more attention, funders are becoming less likely to support al-Qaeda and Syrian defection from al-Qaeda is one sign that the group is weakening.

Dennis Ross on Trump’s Misguided Plan for Syria

Professor Dennis Ross explains that while Syria seems to be the only place Trump hasn’t tried to undo his predecessor’s policies, his plan to continue working with Russia in the region is misled in the Wall Street Journal.

Mathew Ha Shares U.S. Position to Isolate North Korea at Emergency UNSC Meeting

Research associate Mathew Ha (MASIA’18) discloses the position that the U.S. took at the United Nations Security Council emergency meeting held in response to North Korea’s third intercontinental ballistic missile. U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley argued to isolate and pressure North Korea by cutting diplomatic ties and banning the sale of oil.

Student Rebecca Kuang Will Continue her Historical Fiction Work with the Marshall Scholarship

Rebecca Kuang SFS ’18 was awarded the Marshall scholarship to spend the next two years studying in the UK where she will continue her Chinese studies and writing pursuits at the University of Cambridge. Aside from her scholarship, her historical fiction book about the atrocities that took place in China during World War II, The Poppy War will be published by HarperCollins in spring 2018.

Palmer Luckey and Trae Stephens Discuss AI and Defense Industry

Palmer Luckey and Trae Stephens Discuss AI and Defense Industry

Luckey, founder of Oculus Rift, joined Trae Stephens (SFS’06), partner at Founders Fund, to speak with Dean Hellman and a group of SFS students about their new startup and the growing importance of artificial intelligence in the national defense sector.

Dennis Wilder on Protocol for Trump’s Asia Trip

Professor Dennis Wilder, who formerly served on the National Security Council, discussed the importance of protocol, etiquette, and “face” in Asian cultures, advising Trump to refrain from confrontational tweeting during his upcoming diplomatic trip to Asia.

Bruce Hoffman on Lessons from Israel in Lone Wolf Terrorist Attacks

Professor Bruce Hoffman, Director of the Center for Security Studies, explains that while there is no way to predict lone wolf terror attacks such as that in New York on October 31, there are lessons the U.S. can learn from Israel and Europe in preventing the attacks altogether.