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Professor Charles Kupchan: Shaping Public Policy, from the White House to the ICC

Professor Charles Kupchan returns to the SFS this semester from former President Obama’s National Security Council (NSC), where he served as the Senior Director for European Affairs since 2014. He says, “There’s a saying that it’s very hard to get a job with the NSC, and it’s even harder to leave a job at the NSC.”

Kupchan Says Trump and Merkel Need to Find a Way to Work Together

Professor Charles Kupchan writes in Foreign Policy about German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s upcoming visit to Washington, D.C. “Trump and Merkel are oil and water; they are unlikely to forge a friendship or enduring bond. But for the sake of both countries and the future of the West, they must seize the opportunity to compromise their way to a working relationship.”

Widerquist Questions Claims of Human Prehistory

A new book about prehistory, co-authored by Professor Karl Widerquist at SFS in Qatar (SFS-Q), questions whether people are better off because of the existence of government and property rights.

Colin Kahl on the Implications of the Yemen Raid

Professor Colin Kahl, National Security Advisor to former Vice President Joe Biden, discusses the implications of the Trump administration’s alleged indifference to the deliberative processes in reference to the failed Yemen raids.

Hoffman on the Death of 1993 World Trade Center Bomber Omar Abdel-Rahman

Bruce Hoffman comments on the death of the “Blind Sheikh,” the Muslim cleric convicted of conspiracy in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, while he was imprisoned. Hoffman says Abdel-Rahman’s style of terrorism “would establish the patterns of global terrorism that continue to bedevil us today.”