Living in Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C., is the city at the heart of our nation and the perfect place to spend your undergraduate years.

The Georgetown area gives the University an intimate neighborhood feel while being directly adjacent to one of the most exciting cities in the world. Georgetown University students live in the idyllic northwestern corner of D.C. On the Hilltop sits a picturesque campus teeming with Hoyas; step outside the front gates, and you’ll find yourself only several blocks from bustling M Street, the heart of the Georgetown district. M Street boasts of nightlife, restaurants for an international palate, and shopping at local and international stores. Just a few steps farther and students will find themselves on the Georgetown Waterfront with views of the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Memorial, and Washington Monument in one direction, and of the Key Bridge and Healy Hall in another. A four-mile loop will take students, walking or running, to the National Mall for close up views of the monuments and the historic Smithsonian Museums.

Street at fall time in Georgetown neighborhood Washington DC

A short walk, cab ride, Uber, or metro trip beyond the edge of Georgetown delivers students to the doorsteps of D.C. Stop at the White House, take a tour of the Capitol building, and check out the original Declaration of Independence at the National Archives. You and your friends can attend a baseball game at Nationals Stadium, a concert at the 9:30 Club, or walk through the Smithsonians or one of the many nearby museums.

Internships in D.C.

Our location also makes SFS students prime candidates for interning in D.C. while they study on campus. “Hillternships” or internships on Capitol Hill, are popular entry routes into government for SFS students interested in working with their senator or congressional representative. In addition to interning on the Hill, SFS students pursue internships with other government departments, international nonprofits headquartered in D.C., and with major local consulting agencies, among many others.

Jessica HoJessica Ho (SFS’19) is majoring in International Politics with a concentration in Security Studies. She interned for the Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance (AVC) at the U.S. Department of State in Fall 2017.

“As a student in the SFS, I continually read academic papers about the United States’ domestic and international policy and security issues. During my internship, however, I had the opportunity to regularly talk to subject-matter experts about arms control issues, and personally witness policies being debated, formulated, and carried out,” said Ho.


Nick GavioNick Gavio (SFS’19) is an International Politics major. Most recently, he interned with Accountability Counsel, a nonprofit organization that represents vulnerable communities harmed by international development projects.

“I worked in the organization’s communications department and was able to gain hands-on experience drafting press releases, designing a website, and directing social media accounts. It was the perfect intersection of a few of my biggest interests—international development, law, and communications—and I enjoyed interning in an organization that does meaningful work across the globe,” said Gavio.


TadepalliAtreya Tadepalli (SFS’19) is an International Political Economy major. He has interned at the Office of Senator Jeff Flake, as well as at the American Bar Association.

“The proximity to Capitol Hill affords Georgetown students the valuable opportunity to intern for their members of Congress. Last year, I interned for my senator, Jeff Flake. In this role, I was able to sit in on hearings and research issues for upcoming bills. As a student who was interested in politics growing up, especially in high school, it was incredible to see the political process play out in front of me every single day,” said Tadepalli.


Duy Mai (SFS’18) is an International Political Economy major. In 2016, he interned with the World Bank Group.

“During my internship, I worked on various investigations into World Bank-financed projects to make sure these engagements were free of corrupt, collusive or fraudulent activities. Among other duties, I spoke to contractors, examined the Bank’s bid packages, mapped relationships and timeline, and performed due diligence on projects’ progress reports. In addition to my official duties, I also had access to all the perks and events that the Bank has to offer. For example, I attended The State of Economics, The State of the World conference, where I had the fortune to see many towers in economics, including Joseph Stiglitz, Amartya Sen, Ken Arrow, Maurice Obstfeld, Cass Sunstein and Esther Duflo,” said Mai.

With its abounding professional, recreational, and academic opportunities, the SFS location in D.C. creates a unique learning environment conducive to a comprehensive, hands-on education in international affairs. What better place to study global dynamics than in one of the most influential cities – in politics, economics, business, and society – in the world?