Information about Majors for Current Students

Declaration Procedures


For all SFS sophomores, the major declaration period begins at the end of the Add-Drop period in September and ends on the Friday before Spring Break. Major declaration must be completed in its entirety by no later than this Friday. If a student is applying for overseas study, major declaration has to be completed before initiating study abroad application, since a meaningful application for junior year abroad cannot be constructed without having declared a major. Note that some study abroad deadlines are during the fall of sophomore year. There are several steps in the major declaration process and students cannot complete them in a day or two. Students need to plan ahead in order to make sure that they meet the deadline. Students who fail to declare a major by the Friday prior to spring break are not allowed to register for fall courses.

General Declaration Procedures

1. Students must complete a major declaration form indicating which core courses have been completed. If possible, students should indicate when they hope to fulfill outstanding requirements. This form is submitted with the final essay to the curricular dean responsible for the major. International History majors must also complete the IHIS study plan.

2. Students also must write a short essay that outlines the intellectual project they hope to pursue in the context of their major. Students should identify the themes and questions they wish to explore and discuss their plans for doing so. Students preparing for study abroad should include their rationale for the location and course of study they wish to undertake. Most major declaration essays are 250-500 words, but they may be longer. Students should consult with faculty members and curricular deans when writing this essay.

3. Once students complete the steps outlined above, they must make an appointment for a sophomore review with the curricular dean responsible for their major. The purpose of the sophomore review is to assess progress toward graduation and make students aware of remaining requirements and opportunities. During the meeting, the curricular dean reviews the major declaration materials and addresses any questions that students may have.

4. Students intending to pursue the RCST major should review the specific declaration instructions.

Culture and Politics Major

Shiloh Krupar, Field Chair; Anthony Pirrotti, Curricular Dean CULP Research & Curriculum The Culture and Politics (CULP) major is an intellectually rigorous program that enables students to engage with questions of culture, knowledge, and power. Students will gain a complex understanding…

Global Business Major

Field Chair: Theodore Moran, Professor Curricular Dean: Samuel Aronson, Assistant Dean The private sector has continued to play a significant role within all aspects of international affairs, interacting with governmental and non-governmental actors. A failure of a large firm can…

International Economics Major

Rodney Ludema, Field Chair Polly Robey, Curricular Dean The International Economics (IECO) major is grounded in the belief that economic analysis is essential to the understanding of modern world affairs. With decreasing costs of transporting goods and information, market forces,…

International History Major

John Tutino, Field Chair Anthony Pirrotti, Curricular Dean History explores how societies have changed over time to make our contemporary world. History is essential to understanding the present—and to thinking about possible futures. International History emphasizes the ways the world…

International Political Economy Major

James Vreeland Field Chair; Mitch Kaneda, Curricular Dean The International Political Economy (IPEC) major investigates the rich intersection between economics and politics in the global environment. It typically goes beyond the constituent disciplines by combining traditional economic concerns about efficiency with…

International Politics Major

C. Christine Fair, PhD, Field Chair Kendra Billingslea and Anna Steinhelper, Curricular Deans The International Politics major examines how states and non-state actors cooperate and compete on political issues. In the contemporary geopolitics, there is no longer the stable hierarchy of…

Regional and Comparative Studies Major

Erick Langer, Field Chair Toshihiro Higuchi, Department of History Lisa Gordinier, Curricular Dean The study of a particular region or two regions is a vital enterprise that provides the student with insights into different societies that cannot be gained otherwise….

Science, Technology and International Affairs Major

Mark Giordano, Director Mini Murphy, Curricular Dean Meet the STIA Core Faculty. Meet the STIA Affiliated Faculty. Meet the STIA Adjunct Faculty. Now more than ever, science and technology are at the heart of international affairs. The Science, Technology and…

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