Global Experiences

Valerie Sanchez-Indep Day

There are many opportunities to get global experience during your time at SFS. From the foreign language requirement to study abroad and international summer internships and research, SFS students engage with the global community throughout their time at Georgetown. Shaked Atia (SFS’17) is one of many SFS students who has pursued a global opportunity in her time here.

Shaked Atia

Shaked Atia (SFS’17) touring China while she interned in Beijing.

Atia is a STIA major concentrating on business growth and development. Over the summer, she worked as a Research and Communications intern for a Beijing nonprofit striving to encourage conversations about and investments in climate change.

“Working in Beijing was an invaluable experience. I learned how to work with people of different backgrounds and gained knowledge of policymaking and investments in China” said Atia. “When working in a small company you need to become a generalist and be willing to teach yourself new skills quickly, and constantly be proactive and use your knowledge to help your team.”

In addition to working overseas, nearly 60% of SFS students study abroad during their undergraduate careers. Most programs are immersion programs, in which students study in the local language. Other opportunities include summer programs and English-speaking programs at Georgetown’s campuses in ItalyTurkey and Qatar.

The School of Foreign Service houses world-class Centers and Programs on all the major regions of the world. Students can attend events, take classes and complete academic certificates through these regional programs, including African StudiesArab StudiesAsian Studies, Australian and New Zealand StudiesEurasian, Russian and East European StudiesEuropean Studies and Latin American Studies.