Tipa Attasivanon

Tipa AttasivanonTipa comes from Thailand. She has received a full scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand to pursue her degrees abroad. She is an incoming graduate student in Latin American Studies, entering fall 2017. She expects to concentrate in Conflict Resolution and Human Rights, with her own interest in inter-regional relationship between Latin America and Southeast Asia. She studied in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, taking Portuguese and International Relations courses, particularly in Brazilian contexts, at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.

Apart from studying, this summer, she expanded her horizons in Latin American cultures by traveling to many cities in South America. Prior to Brazil, she finished an undergraduate program in International Relations at Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City. Due to her appreciation on the people of Latin America, during these past summers, Tipa taught English classes to Colombian youth in downtown Bogota, Colombia. She also interned at Catholic Charities at Chicago where she provided food pantry to the low-income and intake-process for English and Spanish- speaking clients at the Legal Department.