Steven Radelet’s The Great Surge: The Ascent of the Developing World

Dr. Steven Radelet, Donald F. McHenry Chair in Global Human Development, and Director of the Global Human Development Program has released a new book, The Great Surge: The Ascent of the Developing World. The book addresses common misconceptions about global poverty and how the greatest progress in human history for the world’s poorest has been made in the past two decades in reducing poverty, increasing incomes, improving health, reducing conflict and war and spreading democracy than ever before (Simon & Schuster, 2015). His previous research and teaching have focused on economic growth, poverty reduction, foreign aid, and debt, primarily in Africa and Asia.

While Radelet says he is optimistic that the great surge can continue, he’s not sure that it actually will.

“Developing countries face many great challenges in the coming years – climate change, population growth, tensions around the rise of China and the possibility of spreading conflict, just to name a few,” he explains. “Understanding the great surge of progress, what has been achieved, and what is yet undone will help us understand the choices, investments, sacrifices and decisions that must be made to continue this progress well into the future.”

Radelet recently spoke about the book in Riggs Library, followed by a conversation with Dean Joel Hellman and audience questions. To read full coverage of the event, click here.

Nicholas Kristoff notably mentioned The Great Surge in his column in The New York Times. Radelet was also interviewed by the ONE Campaign and in a Tiny Spark podcast which can be accessed below.