SFS faculty and students have been actively discussing what’s been going on between Ukraine, Russia and the United States as the events have unfolded.


This is a collection of those stories:

Troubling Secessionist Models for Ukraine

Charles King interviewed for Council on Foreign Relations, June 6


West and Russia in Diplomatic Bind Over Ukraine

Kathleen McNamara quoted for Voice of America, May 8


Is Putin trying to diffuse the Ukraine crisis?

Angela Stent on PBS NewsHour, May 7


Ukraine – Countering Russian Intervention and Supporting a Democratic State

Angela Stent testified at a hearing for the United State Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, May 6


Nagorno-Karabakh After Crimea: How Moscow Keeps the Conflict Alive – and What to Do About It

Brenda Shaffer for Foreign Affairs, May 3


Chancellor Merkel goes to Washington

Angela Stent quoted on NPR Marketplace, May 1


How oil wealth can make Russia and other countries less cooperative

Erik Voeten for The Washington Post, April 30


US DOS official: Ukraine event in 2009 prepared West for 2014 faceoff

Brenda Shaffer quoted in the Oil and Gas Journal, April 29


Sergey Lavrov, Russian Style Diplomacy

Angela Stent quoted on Voice of America, April 28


Ukraine Accuses Russia of Preparing Grounds for Invasion

Angela Stent quoted in the Financial Review, April 21


Ukraine Says Russia Preparing Grounds for Invasion

Angela Stent quoted on Bloomberg, April 20


Sea Control 27 – International Law, Crimea, and China

Anthony Arend interviewed for Center for International Maritime Security podcast, March 24


Georgetown’s Stent Says Putin Wants Focus off Economy

Angela Stent interviewed on Bloomberg, March 18


Crisis in Ukraine: A Vote on Crimea’s Future

Angela Stent on the Diane Rehm Show, March 17


Why America Doesn’t Understand Putin

Angela Stent for the Washington Post, March 14


U.S.-Russia Relations Since the Fall of the USSR

Angela Stent on the Leonard Lopate Show, March 13


Who Predicted Russia’s Military Intervention

Erik Voeten for the Washington Post, March 12


Examining the Relationship Between Obama and Putin

Angela Stent on NPR, March 11


Crimea Moves Draw Comparisons to US in Iraq, Nazis in Europe

Anthony Arend interviewed among others on Voice of America, March 7


The EU After Ukraine

Kathleen R. McNamara for Foreign Affairs, March 4


What Comes Next in Ukraine?

Charles King quoted in the Washington Post, March 3


A Graph that Shows How the Ukraine Got Stuck Between the West and Russia

Erik Voeten for the Washington Post, March 2


Crimea, the Tinderbox

Charles King for the New York Times, March 1


Ukraine and the Perils of Division

Charles King quoted in the New York Times, February 26


New Violence in Ukraine

Angela Stent on the Diane Rehm Show, February 19


What Will it Take for U.S. and Russia To Have a Productive Partnership?

Angela Stent on PBS NewsHour, February 10