SFS On Topic: Terrorism in Paris


SFS Faculty and Alumni discuss the recent acts of terrorism in Paris, including the shooting at Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper.  This is a collection of those stories.


Convoluted rivalries complicate Paris attack probe

Barbara Bodine quoted for UPI, January 16, 2015


Did Obama’s inaction in Yemen lead to Paris?

Christopher Swift quoted for Politico, January 15, 2015


5 Things Wrong with the Reaction to the Paris Attacks

Paul Pillar for The National Interest, January 14, 2015


Al-Qaeda assertion that it planned Paris attack draws some skepticism

Bruce Hoffman and Paul Pillar quoted for The Washington Post, January 14, 2015


Al-Qaida Group Claims Responsibility In ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Attack

Bruce Hoffman for NPR, January 14, 2015


Charlie Hebdo Attack Highlights the Challenge of the U.S.-Yemen Relationship

Christopher Swift quoted for Time, January 14, 2015


When The Terror Hits Home

Mouchka D. Heller (MAGES ’13) in The Jewish Week, January 13, 2015


‘Charlie Hebdo’ Attack Likely Not Work of al Qaeda Affiliate

Bruce Hoffman quoted for Foreign Policy, January 13, 2015


Let’s Not Fall for the Terrorists’ Trap (Again)

John Esposito for The Huffington Post, January 13, 2015


ISIS & al Qaeda Killers Unite in Paris- and Beyond

Bruce Hoffman quoted for The Daily Beast, January 12, 2015


Rival Groups’ Terror Agendas Melded in Paris Attacks

Bruce Hoffman quoted for The Wall Street Journal, January 11, 2015


The Latest On The Deadly Shooting Attack In Paris

Christine Fair on The Diane Rehm Show, NPR, January 8, 2015


Does Islam Really Forbid Images Of Muhammad?

John Esposito quoted for The Huffington Post, January 8, 2015


Meet Farid Benyettou, the Man Who Trained Paris Attack Suspect Cherif Kouachi

Bruce Hoffman quoted for Newsweek, January 8, 2015


Reaction to the Charlie Hebdo massacre shows how we’ve lost our free-speech spine

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross for The New York Daily News, January 7, 2015