Student Research

The Resurgence of Siege Warfare

MAAS Alum Will Todman explains how the Assad Regime has benefited from bringing back siege warfare. This article was originally published in the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies’ Newsmagazine, Fall/Winter 2017.

Will Todman on Syria’s War Economy

Will Todman (MAAS’16) explores the development of a war economy in Syria and how it is incentivizing the prolongation of the conflict in his piece published in the Middle East Institute.

Moser (GHD’15) explores the global infrastructure gap

Helen Moser (GHD’15), a Fellow with the CSIS Project on U.S. Leadership in Development & Project on Prosperity and Development, published a report detailing the global infrastructure gap and how the United States and development banks can better incentivize private investment.

Walsh Exchange Conference Evolves in 4th Year

The Hoya published an article on the Fourth Annual Walsh Exchange, one of the only undergraduate international relations research conferences in the country. The conference will be held the weekend of April 10-12. and will feature a keynote address from…