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GIWPS’s “women, peace, and security index” helps lawyers win court case in Maryland

In a recent court case, Montgomery County lawyers from the county Department of Health and Human Services submitted the WPS Index as evidence, and won their case. One of the lawyers involved in the case, Mr. Alvin McIntyre Ehrlich said, “Our judge ruled that the WPS Index was judicially noticeable impliedly because the facts and data in the study were beyond dispute, among other reasons, because they were gleaned by such a reputable academic institution.”

IOM Iraq, along with Georgetown’s ISIM and CCAS, Publish “Access to Durable Solutions Among IDPs in Iraq”

The Georgetown Institute for the Study of Migration (ISIM) and Center for Contemporary Arab Studies partnered with the International Organization for Migration in Iraq to publish “Access to Durable Solutions Among IDPs in Iraq,” the second installation of a two-part study about challenges and survival strategies of Iraqi IDPs who were displaced by ISIL between January 2014 and December 2015 to the 4 governorates of Baghdad, Basra, Kirkuk, and Sulaymaniyah.

GIWPS Study Referenced in Article on Pakistani Policewoman

This Nasdaq article, detailing the heroism of Pakistani policewoman Suhai Aziz Talpur during a recent attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi, references a study performed by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security which ranked Pakistan as the fourth worst country for women. The article uses the study to illustrate the point that strong women such as Talpur, a “potential feminist icon,” are helping to change the perception and role of women in their country.

SFS Institute for the Study of Diplomacy Releases “Religious Intolerance and America’s Image and Policies Abroad” Report

The ISD’s “Religious Intolerance and America’s Image and Policies Abroad” report documents the effects of religious intolerance on US diplomacy. The report includes excerpts from a conversation with “diplomatic corps, academia, non-governmental organizations, and U.S.-based faith communities,” and the ISD created a list of “Guiding Principles and Policy Recommendations” for policymakers and organizations to keep in mind when researching and/or working on policies.

ISIM Publishes Report on protecting people from disasters and environmental change through planned relocation

The Institute for the Study of International Migration recently published a report, in conjunction with The Brookings Institution and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, issuing “guidance on protecting people from disasters and environmental change through planned relocation.” The report “sets out general principles to assist States and other actors faced with the need to undertake Planned Relocation.”

ISD publishes new report on the future of the Arctic

The Institute for the Study of International Diplomacy released its most recent report, “The New Arctic: Navigating the Realities, Possibilities, and Problems.” As ice caps continue to melt and new challenges in international travel are born, this paper serves as a guide for how to conduct “arctic diplomacy” in the years to come.

GIWPS releases study on Nigerian female empowerment project

GIWPS analyzed the successfulness of the ENGINE project, an effort to empower Nigerian girls to realize their full potential. The study reported positively on the program and noted that Nigerian women who participated generally felt more self-confident when compared to non-participants.

GIWPS On Using UN Sanctions To Prevent and Curb Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict

The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security published a report researching the UN Security Council’s use of targeted sanctions to address sexual violence in conflict. The report concludes that sanctions, not being used to their full potential, could advance women’s protection from sexual violence in conflict zones.

New GIWPS Index Measures How Safe Women Are in 153 Countries

The Women Peace and Security Index incorporates metrics on women’s inclusion, justice and security to address problems with existing measures that show “how well or poorly women are doing economically” but don’t necessarily tell the whole story.

Speaking Event in Kurdistan

Partnering for Solutions

CCAS, in partnership with the University of Kurdistan, brought together 40+ researchers this spring to discuss durable solutions to forced displacement in Iraq.

CCAS and ISIM organize conference on migration and displacement in Iraq

Georgetown University’s Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS) and the Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM), along with the UN Migration Agency, the International Organization for Migration, and the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr organized a conference on “Migration and Displacement in Iraq: Working Towards Durable Solutions.” The conference, which focused on multiple aspects of forced migration, ran from April 19 to 21 in Erbil, Iraq.

McFarland and Lide discuss effects of climate change on human security

Professor Kelly McFarland and Vanessa Lide of the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy (ISD) wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog about the potential effects of climate change on human security. In the piece, they summarize key findings of a recent ISD report on the subject.

Syrian Migrants: The Long View on Transatlantic Migration

American Druze Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellow Reem Bailony writes about the history of Syrian migration to the United States. This article was originally published in the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies’ Newsmagazine, Fall/Winter 2017.

GIWPS researches workplace policies benefitting women and millennials

The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS) released new research on workplace policies and practices that empower women and Millennials, who together constitute the majority of the U.S. workforce. The report includes recommendations for businesses to empower, retain, and profit from both cohorts simultaneously.

Bridge Initiative studies Catholic views of Muslims

Georgetown University’s Bridge Initiative recently published the results of their survey, which found that only 14% of Catholics hold a favorable view of Muslims. The results were discussed in this Christian Daily article.