Featured Students

SFS Students Adithi Sanjay and Meghan Mandi Travel to Panama with Georgetown Global Consulting Fellowship

Exploring Casco Viejo and negotiating prices of art in Spanish over 2,000 miles away from home offered an appeal far greater than the typical summer internship for SFS sophomores Adithi Sanjay and Meghan Mandi. Through their membership in the Georgetown Global Consulting (GGC), Sanjay and Mandi were trained and deployed to a client site abroad to work with the nonprofit organization Enseña por Panamá (Teaching for Panama) through GGC’s new fellowship.

SFS Senior Matt Beshke Embraces Learning, Friendships at Georgetown

After graduating, SFS senior Matt Beshke will join UBS as an Advisory Sales Analyst covering Asian Equities. As a Global Business major with an Asian Studies Certificate and a Chinese minor, Beshke’s studies have rendered him more than ready for his future. He says that the combination of international relations classes and major-related business courses “helped make me a smarter businessman, and will definitely benefit me down the road.”

Aislinn McNiece (SFS’18) Appreciates Diversity of Experience and Intellectual Community at Georgetown

A peak Georgetown moment for International Political Economy major Aislinn McNiece (SFS’18) came in her junior year when she conducted an interview with Canadian Minister of Finance Bill Morneau during his visit to SFS. “The interview happened right after the inauguration of President Trump, who had campaigned against international trade and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in particular,” McNiece explains.

Garrett Hinck (SFS’18) Explores Intersection of Science and Public Policy

Garrett Hinck SFS, Class of 2018, Science, Technology, and International Affairs San Antonio, Texas; later Pittsburgh, PA Language: French Minor: French Proseminar: 1968: Protests and Rebellion in Europe Study Abroad: St. Omer, France with GU French Department in summer 2016 On-Campus Activities: Philodemic Society;…

Emily Belson (SFS’18) Pursues Passion for Middle Eastern Affairs

Emily Belson (SFS’18) came to Georgetown with little knowledge of the Middle East or international affairs but a determination to learn all she could about the world. Her freshman year proseminar, Islam & the West with Professor John Esposito, introduced her to the region that would define her studies while at Georgetown. That class inspired Belson to major in Regional and Comparative Studies (RCST) with a focus on the Middle East.

Tipa Attasivanon Links Her Practical Experience in Latin America with an Academic Grounding

Tipa Attasivanon is a graduate student in the Latin American Studies program (MALAS’19). She holds a full scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, where she will be working after graduation. “This program has allowed me to link my past fragmental experiences in many Latin American countries with academic knowledge, theories and analytical skills, which I have gained from all of my classes here,” says Attasivanon.

Georgetown Team Wins Migrant & Refugee Category at VHacks

VHacks, a hackathon at the Vatican, brought 120 students together from around the world to work to develop technology solutions to issues related to social inclusion, interreligious dialogue, and migrants & refugees. The Georgeteown team won in the migrants & refugees category with a software that would help migrants and refugees find housing and other services in their communities. The software would incorporate any pertinent financial information available and connect users with guarantors within their faith communities.

SFS Students spend Spring Break exploring the globe

For SFS students, spring break often means something other than a vacation. This year, nearly 100 SFS graduate and undergraduate students went abroad as part of spring break programs taking them to Africa, South America, Europe, South Asia, and the Middle East to explore first-hand the issues they had been learning about in the classroom.

Forrest Gertin

Forrest Gertin (SFS’20) Ends Term as National Leader in Boy Scouts of America

Forrest Gertin (SFS’20) ended his term in January 2018 as the 2017 National Chief of the Order of the Arrow. As one of the three of the highest-ranking Boy Scouts in the nation, he represented over 170,000 members of the Order of the Arrow in Congress, on the national board of the Boy Scouts of America, at the annual Boy Scouts of America National Scout Jamboree, and to the nation.

Hannah Byrne (SSP’18) studies asymmetric warfare at Georgetown and across the world

“I appreciate all the opportunities Georgetown has given me to travel and conduct independent research, which has been invaluable to my understanding of transnational threats,” said Hannah Byrne (SSP’18). Byrne is pursuing her master’s degree in the Security Studies Program, which has provided her with numerous opportunities to get a first-hand look at asymmetric conflict abroad.

Student Spotlight: Dainis Butners, MSFS/MBA ’18

“Growing up in a Latvian household gave me a perspective on culture, geopolitics, and history that is not taught in schools.” Butners’ heritage and professional background have provided a lens for lifelong learning and focused his pursuits on U.S.-Russia relations, transatlantic relations, international business, and diplomacy.

Sofia Gomez (SFS'18)

Sofia Gomez (SFS’18) Wins Rangel Graduate Fellowship

SFS senior Sofia Gomez is one of two Georgetown students and an alumna who were part of the only 30 students and college graduates selected nationwide for the highly competitive 2018 Rangel Graduate Fellowship, which provides financial support for two years of graduate study, internships, mentoring and professional development leading to careers in the Foreign Service.


Andrea Moneton (SFS ’18) Reflects on Lessons, Experiences

Andrea Moneton (SFS ’18), an International Politics major with a concentration on Foreign Policy, hopes to use her knowledge of and experience with international and intercultural relations after graduation to make an impact in people’s lives through her work.

Student Rebecca Kuang Will Continue her Historical Fiction Work with the Marshall Scholarship

Rebecca Kuang SFS ’18 was awarded the Marshall scholarship to spend the next two years studying in the UK where she will continue her Chinese studies and writing pursuits at the University of Cambridge. Aside from her scholarship, her historical fiction book about the atrocities that took place in China during World War II, The Poppy War will be published by HarperCollins in spring 2018.

Mikel Rodriguez (MSFS ’19) Receives 2017 SoldierStrong Scholarship

Naval Lieutenant Mikel Rodriguez (MSFS ’19), a Naval Academy graduate, is the third recipient of this endowed, partial-tuition scholarship designated for a U.S. veteran enrolled in the MSFS program. Rodriguez has over three years of international experience including deployments to Afghanistan.