Q&A with Hannah Beswick (MAAS’14), Partnerships Development Specialist at the UN Women Liaison Office

Hannah Beswick (MAAS’14) discusses her role as the Partnerships Development Specialist at the UN Women Liaison Office for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in Abu Dhabi, UAE. “My main role is to foster and build partnerships with organizations…for advancing the gender equality and women’s empowerment agenda in the GCC, across all areas.” Beswick says she has a “good challenge,” in that so many organizations want to work with them.

In honor of International Women’s Day, current and former diplomats discuss the global role of women

A number of current and former diplomats (including 12 Georgetown alumnae) discussed “women’s roles in shaping communities around the globe” in regards to International Women’s Day. “I was fortunate enough to have a couple of ambassadors and former ambassadors as professors, [and that] opened a whole new universe to me of opportunity. So, my time the School of Foreign Service was really formative, and I am glad I can lean on it in some respects as ambassador,” said Ambassador Alaina Teplitz (SFS’91).

Mickey Bergman

Mickey Bergman (MSFS’05) Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Mickey Bergman (MSFS’05), Vice President and Executive Director of the Richardson Center for Global Engagement, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his work negotiating with North Korea to free U.S. prisoners and repatriate the remains of U.S. servicemen. For Bergman, meaningful connections are the most rewarding part of his work. “My highlights are when a family of a political prisoner or hostage feels that they are no longer abandoned by their government…or when I spent my 40th birthday in Havana enabling the first-ever incubator of American and Cuban entrepreneurs.”

Q&A with Jill Ricotta (MAAS ’16)

Jill Ricotta graduated from CCAS in 2016 with an M.A. in Arab Studies. She currently works as a Regional Security Advisor for the Middle East/Central Asia region at the International Monetary Fund at their DC headquarters.

Jung, Wookjae

Wookjae Jung (SFS’15) Awarded Scholarship to Study in Beijing

Wookjae Jung (SFS’15), a former Korean Air Force officer, has been selected as a Schwarzman Scholar, winning one of the most selective postgraduate scholarships in the world. The scholarship pays for a one-year master’s degree in global affairs at Tsinghua University’s Schwarzman College in Beijing, China.

Midterms 2018: SFS Alumni Run for Congress and Governor

On Election Day 2018, 12 SFS alumni ran for either federal or gubernatorial office representing a diverse mix of political players. Five incumbents sought to maintain their position, while seven new candidates entered the political fray.

Devika Ranjan (SFS’17) – The Creative Process for “I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE”

Devika Ranjan (SFS’17) – The Creative Process for “I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE”

Devika Ranjan (SFS’17) is a Fellow at the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics. She collaborated on the production of “I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE: An Immigrant Anthology.” In July, she and other Lab Fellows took their original piece to the ITI World Congress in Segovia, Spain. She writes about how the production came about and her personal creative process.

SFS Alumnus Brings Holocaust Diary Back to Life 65 Years Later

What if publishers had passed on Anne Frank’s diary? This idea of forgotten history has motivated Timothy Boyce (SFS’76) to revive the story of Norwegian Holocaust survivor Odd Nansen in a new edition of From Day to Day: One Man’s Diary of Survival in Nazi Concentration Camps.

Anthony Clark Arend (SFS’80) Receives John Carroll Award

The John Carroll award is conferred upon Georgetown alumni whose achievements and record of service exemplify the ideals and traditions of Georgetown and its founder. This year, esteemed SFS professor and alumnus Anthony Clark Arend (SFS’80), was one of the recipients of the John Carroll award, given out at John Carroll Weekend in Austin, Texas.

Fike in MSFS’s Alumni Spotlight

The Alumni Spotlight series covered Verinda Fike (MSFS’09), who currently manages the China portfolio at the U.S. Trade and Development Agency. USTDA focuses on connecting U.S. companies to infrastructure development opportunities in emerging markets. Fike remarked on her experience at USTDA as “incredibly rewarding.”

Anthony Clark Arend (SFS’80) hosts webinar on foreign policy in the 2016 election

Senior Associate Dean and Professor Anthony Clark Arend (SFS’80) hosted a webinar exploring the role of foreign policy in the 2016 presidential election in the United States. He shared his foreign policy expertise, detailing the stances of the candidates and broader international implications. This webinar was co-sponsored by the Georgetown University Alumni Association and the Walsh School of Foreign Service.