Featured Students

STIA Students Attend U.N. Climate Change Conference

Georgetown University sent a delegation to the U.N. Climate Conference in Paris, France including SFS Professor Joanna Lewis, Georgetown Law Professor Vicki Arroyo, and two Georgetown undergraduates, Norah Berk (SFS ’16) and Alexandra Donovan (SFS ’17).

SFS Senior Presses Congress to Vote on Gun Legislation at Protest

SFS senior Emma Iannini joined other anti-gun activists outside of the Capitol for a protest encouraging Congress to tighten background check requirements for gun purchasers, according to the Washington Post. Iannini previously appeared on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore on this issue.

“Diplomacy in Action” at Serbian Tennis Camp

Tennis camp is a great way to spend the summer. But using a tennis camp as a form of diplomacy means turning a fun summer pastime into a more enriching and cultural experience, which is exactly what SFS junior Arnosh Keswani did this summer.

Timothy Loh Explores Research on Deaf Education in Middle East

Enrolled in the Accelerated Program at Georgetown University, Timothy Loh graduated magna cum laude in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service and is currently a second-year graduate student in the Master of Arts in Arab Studies program.