Madeleine Albright

Secretary Albright Discusses her new book “Fascism: A Warning” for Newsweek

“I’m not calling President Trump a fascist, [but] I am very concerned about his lack of democratic instinct of any kind and his disdain for the press and the judiciary and the electoral process”, says SFS Professor and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright. She adds that she is worried about war with North Korea and more Russian interference in U.S. elections.

Steen: SFS Graduate Students are Perfect Fit for Intelligence Community

Anne Steen, director of the SFS Graduate Career Center, made the case that SFS students make the perfect candidates for a job in the intelligence community, since they are “global problem-solvers who speak multiple languages.” The CIA is currently hiring a wide range of new employees from cyber threat analysts to accountants to data scientists.

Cha Opposes Limited Strike on North Korea

SFS Professor Victor Cha argues that a limited strike on North Korea would not limit North Korea’s nuclear program or even curb “the proliferation of materials, weapons or scientists.” On the withdrawal of his nomination as U.S. ambassador to South Korea, Cha says that “the administration has the right to change its mind.”

McEldowney Kroenig

McEldowney, Kroenig Discuss Bolton as New National Security Advisor

On Thursday, March 22, President Trump replaced General H.R. McMaster with John Bolton as his new National Security Advisor. Nancy McEldowney, former ambassador and current Director of the Master of Science in Foreign Service program, and Matthew Kroenig, associate professor and former military analyst at the CIA and strategist at the Office of the Secretary of Defense, assessed changes Bolton will bring to the job on PBS NewsHour.