Matthew Kroenig

Kroenig Argues Pompeo-Kim meeting is “good news”

SFS Professor Matthew Kroenig views the meeting between tSecretary of State-elect Mike Pompeo and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un as a positive development. In anticipation of the potential meeting between Kim and President Trump, “[Secretary Pompeo] is laying the groundwork necessary for a productive meeting,” adds Kroenig.

Angela Stent

Stent Addresses White House Disunity on Russia policy

SFS Professor Angela Stent addresses for The Washington Post the disconnect between President Trump and his advisers on Russia, with the president preferring “a much more open and friendly policy”. “The United States essentially has three Russia policies: the president’s, the executive branch’s and Congress’s”, adds Stent.

Mark Jacobson

Jacobson Urges State Department to provide more details on russian trolls statistics

SFS Professor Mark Jacobson argues that the Ministry of Defense should provide more evidence for its announcement that the number of Russian trolls went up after the air strikes in Syria. “It may be completely correct — not like Jim Mattis’ Pentagon to ever put out something that is not correct — but it would be more helpful for them to explain in a bit more detail so we understand what’s going on,” says Jacobson.

Robert Gallucci

Gallucci Says Trump-Kim Summit will be “a start to a start”

Robert Gallucci, Distinguished Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy, does not expect immediate progress on North Korea’s denuclearization after the Trump-Kim summit. He adds that “you should really work to avoid the worst outcomes here” and he expects the summit to take place somewhere in Asia, maybe in Beijing.

Angela Stent analyzes potential meeting between Trump and Putin

Professor Angela Stent spoke to The New York Times about the potential meeting between Trump and Putin. She reasoned that Russia may be following news accounts “about divisions over Russia policy and they want to set a possible meeting in motion before Bolton and Pompeo assume their new jobs.”

Farid Hafez

Hafez on Recent Anti-Semitic Scandals in Austria’s Far-Right Party

Dr. Farid Hafez, Senior Research Fellow at the Bridge Initiative, says that anti-Semitism “is part of many of the rank and file as well as of the leadership of FPO,” which is the junior coalition partner in the Austrian government. Hafez adds that former FPO supporters are “realizing that the FPO is not serving them but the upper and middle classes.”

Angela Stent

Stent On Implications of Trump’s Withdrawal From Syria

SFS Professor Angela Stent warns that a U.S. withdrawal from Syria would “give Moscow a free hand and weaken the forces fighting Assad.” Stent adds that this move would also embolden Iran, whose forces are fighting alongside Russia in the conflict.

McEldowney joins former U.S. ambassadors letter of concern to state department

SFS professor and former head of the Foreign Service Institute Nancy McEldowney has joined a letter by more than 200 former U.S. ambassadors and veteran diplomats expressing alarm over the condition of the State Department. The signatories see the recent reshuffle at the State Department as an opportunity “to restore the power and influence of American diplomacy.”