SFS On Topic: Executive Orders on Immigration

In his first two weeks in office, President Donald Trump has signed multiple executive orders, three of which address a range of immigration issues: refugees and visa holders, border security and law enforcement, and sanctuary cities. SFS faculty and alumni weigh in on the issues presented by the these executive orders.

SFS On Topic: Foreign Policy Recommendations for Trump Administration

The unexpected election of President Donald J. Trump on November 8, 2016, left many uncertain about the future of the United States’ role in the world, due to President Trump’s lack of foreign policy experience, along with his unclear and often shifting stances on certain issues. SFS faculty offered their thoughts on Trump nominees and foreign policy recommendations for the Trump Administration.

SFS On Topic: The Death of Fidel Castro

On November 25, 2016, former Cuban President Fidel Castro died at age 90 in Havana. He rose to power in the late 1950s, leading the revolution against authoritarian President Fulgencio Batista and the corruption and inequality associated with the regime. The SFS community takes a look at the lasting legacy that Fidel Castro will have on Cuba, Latin America, and the world.

SFS On-Topic: 2016 Election Results

On November 8, 2016, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump defied pundits and polls to win the 2016 Presidential Election over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. As Trump’s team translates campaign rhetoric into actual policies, the SFS community has weighed in on the implications and possibilities of a Trump Administration for different areas, including the economy, foreign affairs and immigration.