• SFS On Topic: Secretary of State Transition

    SFS On Topic: Secretary of State Transition

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Matthew Kroenig

Kroenig Argues Pompeo-Kim meeting is “good news”

SFS Professor Matthew Kroenig views the meeting between tSecretary of State-elect Mike Pompeo and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un as a positive development. In anticipation of the potential meeting between Kim and President Trump, “[Secretary Pompeo] is laying the groundwork necessary for a productive meeting,” adds Kroenig.

Kate Donald on women farmers in New Hampshire

Kate Donald (SFS’94) discusses her experience as an owner of a farm in her native New Hampshire. “I was interested in making a change and getting involved, finding a useful thing to do with my life”, says Donald about her motivation for joining this male-dominated line of work.

Angela Stent

Stent Addresses White House Disunity on Russia policy

SFS Professor Angela Stent addresses for The Washington Post the disconnect between President Trump and his advisers on Russia, with the president preferring “a much more open and friendly policy”. “The United States essentially has three Russia policies: the president’s, the executive branch’s and Congress’s”, adds Stent.

Mark Jacobson

Jacobson Urges State Department to provide more details on russian trolls statistics

SFS Professor Mark Jacobson argues that the Ministry of Defense should provide more evidence for its announcement that the number of Russian trolls went up after the air strikes in Syria. “It may be completely correct — not like Jim Mattis’ Pentagon to ever put out something that is not correct — but it would be more helpful for them to explain in a bit more detail so we understand what’s going on,” says Jacobson.

Joshi on Dalit Activism in an Indian Election Year

Shareen Joshi, assistant professor in the SFS, published an article examining the recent activism of India’s most marginalized group, the Dalits. Following the dilution of the Prevention of Atrocities Act, there have been protests, arrests, and 10 deaths. Joshi says the week of activism and violence could be a sign of upheaval in the upcoming Indian elections because “a new generation of Dalit leaders has started to reject tokenism and seek genuine empowerment.”

Madeleine Albright

Secretary Albright Discusses her new book “Fascism: A Warning” for Newsweek

“I’m not calling President Trump a fascist, [but] I am very concerned about his lack of democratic instinct of any kind and his disdain for the press and the judiciary and the electoral process”, says SFS Professor and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright. She adds that she is worried about war with North Korea and more Russian interference in U.S. elections.

Sophie Craighead reflects on her life of service

Having worked in Capitol Hill and for Walter Mondale’s 1984 presidential campaign, Sophie Craighead (SFS’72) ended up working in animal welfare for decades. Today, she works with Curran-Seeley, which provides drug and alcohol counseling. She was awarded the News&Guide’s 2018 Super Volunteer Award.

Margaret Novicki

Novicki (SFS’77) Not Ready to Retire after long career in UN

After a 22-year career with the United Nations, Margaret Novicki is “still very intrigued by the possibility of political office.” Having served in various regions in Africa and as the director of strategic communications at UN headquarters in New York, Novicki started out her retirement by running for mayor in her small hometown in New Haven County.