• SFS On Topic: Trump and Iran Nuclear Deal

    SFS On Topic: Trump and Iran Nuclear Deal

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Emily Mendenhall

Emily Mendenhall on the Anthropological Complexity of Diabetes

In an article for Sohu, medical anthropology professor Emily Mendenhall said that a mix of medical, social, economic, cultural, and psychological factors contributed to a person developing diabetes, and called for a holistic approach to its treatment.

SFS Alums on 30 Under 30

Anne Yang (SFS’16), Philip Wong (SFS’15), and Diana Rau (SFS’12) Named Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs

Ann Yang (SFS’16), Philip Wong (SFS’15), and Diana Rau (SFS’12) were named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for their successful social entrepreneurship. Ann Yang and Philip Wong are cofounders of MISFIT Juicery, which transforms “ugly,” traditionally discarded produce into hip cold-pressed juice. Diana Tsai founded Veterati, a digital platform that connects veterans and their spouses with mentors and job opportunities.

Medina on Trump’s Changing Poaching Views

“Days after the Trump administration ignited a public uproar by moving to allow hunters to bring the remains of dead elephants ‘bagged’ in Zambia and Zimbabwe back into the United States,” Professor Monica Medina writes, “President Trump unexpectedly changed his tune.”

Ferris on the Growing Refugee Crises Around the World

Professor Elizabeth Ferris spoke with RN Drive about the current political climate surrounding refugees, in particular the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar and the need for a regional and international response to get involved to stop the ethnic cleansing.

Taylor on “What Just Happened” in Zimbabwe

“Yes, it’s a military coup—it smells and looks like one,” said Professor Scott Taylor, Director of the African Studies Program. “There’s tanks in the streets and taking over the broadcaster—so it has all the hallmarks including saying ‘It’s not a coup.”