Kahl on Yemen Raid, Planning Responsibility

Professor Colin Kahl responded to and disagreed with attempts by the Trump administration to assign planning responsibilities for the recent U.S. Special Forces raid in Yemen to the Obama administration in an interview with MSNBC.

Anderson Interviewed on “Die Richtigen Fragen”

In a recent interview on the German news channel, Die Richtigen Fragen, hosted by Ali Aslan (BSFS’96), Professor Jeffrey Anderson discussed the future of U.S. foreign policy under a Trump administration. During the interview, Anderson suggested foreign leaders “take matters into their own hands”, particularly in the security area, given the ambiguity surrounding the administration’s stance on foreign policy.

Bodine analyzes U.S. involvement in Yemen

Barbara Bodine, director of the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, appeared on PBS Newshour to discuss the U.S.’s role in Yemen’s civil war and a recent possible third missile launch against American navy ships in the Red Sea.

Johnson on Authenticity of “The Martian”

Professor Sarah Stewart Johnson discussed the accuracy of the events portrayed in the film “The Martian,” and future possibilities for human life on Mars, in an interview on CUNY TV.

Victor Cha on North Korean Missile Risks

Professor Victor Cha weighed in on CNN about the risks surrounding North Korea’s missile program and the dangerous behavior of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. “There may be an accident, there may be a miscalculation,” Cha said.

Barbara Bodine on the Status in Yemen

Former Ambassador to Yemen Barbara Bodine, Professor and Director of the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, discusses the progress made by the Saudi-led coalition in the civil war in Yemen in the UAE’s The National.

Sinan Ciddi on The West and Turkey’s Kurdish Party

Sinan Ciddi, Professor and Director of the Institute for Turkish Studies, discusses whether or not the West is too soft on the Kurdistan’s Worker’s Party (KKP) in light of recent KKP attacks against civilians in Turkey on Al Jazeera.