Kroenig Talks North Korea and Denuclearization

Professor Matthew Kroenig, Associate Professor of Government, appears on CBSN Washington to chime in about North Korea, the United States’ goal of denuclearization for North Korea, and the current situation of diplomatic talks.

Opalo Discusses the Importance of Term Limits in Africa

Professor Ken Opalo explains on TV2 Africa that term limits are important for political systems in Africa, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, because of the multi-ethnic nature of states and how term limits would contribute to power sharing in a more positive way.

Nexon discusses Trump foreign policy, media coverage

SFS Professor Dan Nexon spoke with Al Jazeera TV to examine recent events in foreign policy. He spoke on the G-7 Meetings, North Korea summit, and the challenges for news media in covering a Trump administration.

Victor Cha on how North Korea is evading sanctions

D.S. Song-KF Professorship in Government and International Affairs Victor Cha says that the deep sanctions currently levied on North Korea explain their motivation to ‘come to the table’ at this time. However, Dr. Cha also explains that North Korea is using “ship-to-ship” transfers on the high seas and cryptocurrency harvesting to evade the sanctions to some degree.

Nicole Bibbins Sedaca

Nicole Bibbins Sedaca Participates in CFR Diversity in Foreign Affairs and Public Service Panel

Professor Bibbins Sedaca spoke at a Council on Foreign Relations event on “Diversity in Foreign Affairs and Public Service” with Ruth Davis, Carmen Lomellin and Jerry L. Johnson. They talked about working in the foreign service, finding mentors, and shared career advice for young professionals. The event was part of the 2018 CFR Conference on Diversity in International Affairs.

Madeleine Albright

Secretary Albright Discusses her new book “Fascism: A Warning” for Newsweek

“I’m not calling President Trump a fascist, [but] I am very concerned about his lack of democratic instinct of any kind and his disdain for the press and the judiciary and the electoral process”, says SFS Professor and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright. She adds that she is worried about war with North Korea and more Russian interference in U.S. elections.

Steen: SFS Graduate Students are Perfect Fit for Intelligence Community

Anne Steen, director of the SFS Graduate Career Center, made the case that SFS students make the perfect candidates for a job in the intelligence community, since they are “global problem-solvers who speak multiple languages.” The CIA is currently hiring a wide range of new employees from cyber threat analysts to accountants to data scientists.

Cha Opposes Limited Strike on North Korea

SFS Professor Victor Cha argues that a limited strike on North Korea would not limit North Korea’s nuclear program or even curb “the proliferation of materials, weapons or scientists.” On the withdrawal of his nomination as U.S. ambassador to South Korea, Cha says that “the administration has the right to change its mind.”

McEldowney Kroenig

McEldowney, Kroenig Discuss Bolton as New National Security Advisor

On Thursday, March 22, President Trump replaced General H.R. McMaster with John Bolton as his new National Security Advisor. Nancy McEldowney, former ambassador and current Director of the Master of Science in Foreign Service program, and Matthew Kroenig, associate professor and former military analyst at the CIA and strategist at the Office of the Secretary of Defense, assessed changes Bolton will bring to the job on PBS NewsHour.

Matthew Kroenig

Matthew Kroenig on Deterring Russia

SFS Professor Matthew Kroenig warns of Russia’s low-yield nuclear capabilities. “I think there’s a lot of evidence right now that Putin is not deterred by our current posture; he thinks he can get away with one of these limited nuclear strikes. And so that’s one of the reasons we have to do something different.”

Ken Opalo Discusses Kenyan Politics in Voice of America

President Uhuru Kenyatta was re-elected President of Kenya last year, beating Opposition Leader Raila Odinga in a controversial election. Odinga refused to recognize the results of the election and recently self-proclaimed himself “the people’s president”. SFS professor Ken Opalo weighs in on the implications for Kenya’s political future as part of a panel convened in Voice of America’s “Straight Talk Africa”.

Irfan Nooruddin

Irfan Noorudin on India’s State Elections

Speaking to CNBC, Indian politics professor Irfan Noorudin said that the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) loss of seats in Gujarat legislative assembly elections indicated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a lot of work to do, particularly in rural areas, ahead of the 2019 general election.

Hoffman on New Technologies for Radicalization

Professor Bruce Hoffman said in an interview with Newsy’s The Why about new trends in technology and terrorist radicalization, “What worries me the most is what’s the next new thing.”

Irfan Nooruddin

Irfan Nooruddin on Rising Conservatism in India

Professor Nooruddin addresses Hindu nationalism, saying that it reflects a “tyranny of the minority of the majority.” He also discussed Prime Minister Modi’s agenda, as well as the effect of the caste system on Indian politics.

Kroenig on the Significance of Trump’s Trip to Asia

Appearing on CBSN’s Red and Blue, Professor Matthew Kroenig said, “Often the point of these trips is not to get some major policy breakthrough; rather, it’s more symbolic. It shows that the United States cares about Asia.”