Anoop Singh

Singh Announced as Member of India’s 15th Finance Commission

Dr. Anoop Singh, Adjunct Professor in the Master of Science in Foreign Service Program, was selected as a member of India’s 15th Finance Commission. This commission is charged with reviewing the state of financial metrics in India, and will then issue a report by October 2019 outlining its recommendations for the government.

Thurston Speaks with Princeton University Press about his New Book

Alexander Thurston, Assistant Professor of Teaching for the African Studies Program, speaks with Princeton University Press about his new book, Salafism in Nigeria: Islam, Preaching, and Politics. In his book, Thurston provides an in-depth look at Boko Haram and the developments that contributed to its rise in Nigeria.

Khairudin Aljunied

Khairudin Aljunied on the Pope’s Visit to Myanmar

Khairudin Aljunied, Professor of the Practice and expert on Islam in Southeast Asia, discussed the Pope’s popularity amongst Muslims in Myanmar and the diplomatic pressure he faces from his hosts in Yangon.

Emily Mendenhall

Emily Mendenhall on the Anthropological Complexity of Diabetes

In an article for Sohu, medical anthropology professor Emily Mendenhall said that a mix of medical, social, economic, cultural, and psychological factors contributed to a person developing diabetes, and called for a holistic approach to its treatment.

Taylor on “What Just Happened” in Zimbabwe

“Yes, it’s a military coup—it smells and looks like one,” said Professor Scott Taylor, Director of the African Studies Program. “There’s tanks in the streets and taking over the broadcaster—so it has all the hallmarks including saying ‘It’s not a coup.”

Ferris Says Internally Displaced Persons Have Been Ignored

Elizabeth Ferris, a professor at the Institute for the Study of International Migration, said, “Internally displaced persons – IDPs – make up two-thirds of that number but have been virtually ignored in discussions about what needs to be done.”

Doug Heifetz (SFS ’96) smiths silver crafts in Silver Spring

Heifetz founded Lost & Forged, which offers lustrous metal creations, handmade from reclaimed vintage materials. “I’ve always loved rescuing old things—old materials, old ideas,” Heifetz says. “I love finding things that could be of value that are undervalued or forgotten.”

Drew Christiansen

Drew Christiansen, S.J. Attended Vatican Conference on Nuclear Disarmament

Father Drew Christiansen, professor of ethics and global human development, highlighted the work of grass-roots movements and organizations in achieving progress towards a ban on nuclear weapons at an event prior to the conference. He told the Catholic News Service that the conference could garner support for the Jul. 2017 United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Mark Jacobson On Regulating Social Media

Professor Mark Jacobson said in an NBC News article that the ease of creating fake accounts on platforms like Twitter complicates efforts to avoid the spreading of false information and propaganda through social media.

Bruce Hoffman

Bruce Hoffman on the Islamic State Expanding to Africa

In a Washington Post article, Bruce Hoffman, Director of the Center for Security Studies, said the Islamic State’s losses in the Middle East motivate them to establish a presence in North and West Africa, gaining adherents by exploiting communal tensions and resentments.

Dennis Wilder on Protocol for Trump’s Asia Trip

Professor Dennis Wilder, who formerly served on the National Security Council, discussed the importance of protocol, etiquette, and “face” in Asian cultures, advising Trump to refrain from confrontational tweeting during his upcoming diplomatic trip to Asia.

Bruce Hoffman on Lessons from Israel in Lone Wolf Terrorist Attacks

Professor Bruce Hoffman, Director of the Center for Security Studies, explains that while there is no way to predict lone wolf terror attacks such as that in New York on October 31, there are lessons the U.S. can learn from Israel and Europe in preventing the attacks altogether.