Ken Opalo On the Hunt for Kony in Uganda

Professor Ken Opalo spoke with Take Part about the search for Kony in Uganda. “As long as [Uganda] has an active conflict against Kony, they get assistance,” Opalo said. “Without the hunt for Kony, you have a big military without [a mission and hence] no assistance and training.”

Matthew Kroenig

Matthew Kroenig Maintains Rejection of Trump In Presidential Election

Professor Matthew Kroenig spoke with the Washington Examiner about his refusal to vote for Donald Trump in the Presidential Election. “I vowed to work to stop Trump and, last time I checked, he is still utterly unfit for the office,” he said. “I would warmly welcome the entry of a new candidate into the race. Short of that, Hillary Clinton is the strongest proponent of a conservative internationalist foreign policy left in the race.”

Ehmad Shahin on the Security Dilemma of Egyptian President Sisi

Professor Emad Shahin commented on the complicated political situation surrounding Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. “People think of him as the general who can provide security and they deliberately sacrifice freedom and uncertainty for his promises. This bet has not paid off.”

Ann Yang (SFS’16) on Entrepreneurship and How to Make a Startup Work

Ann Yang, SFS’16, discusses the ups and downs of starting Misfit Juicery in her sophomore year at Georgetown in Cosmopolitan. She says, “We pitched the idea at Georgetown-sponsored pitch competitions and won about $6,000. That gave us just enough money — and confidence — to start the company.”

Bruce Hoffman on Terror Attack in Brussels

Professor Bruce Hoffman spoke to the Washington Post about the terror attack in the Brussels airport and metro station on March 22, 2016. “This is the ultimate paradox in counter-terrorism,” Hoffman commented. “You can’t protect every target, everywhere, all the time.”