SFS in the News

Barbara Bodine on the Status in Yemen

Former Ambassador to Yemen Barbara Bodine, Professor and Director of the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, discusses the progress made by the Saudi-led coalition in the civil war in Yemen in the UAE’s The National.

SFS On Topic: Nuclear Security Summit

This year’s Nuclear Security Summit convened representatives from around the world in Washington, D.C. to discuss what tangible steps governments can take to keep nuclear materials secure—and out of the hands of terrorists. SFS professors Robert Gallucci, Matthew Kroenig, and Irfan Nooruddin added their voices to the public conversation around the Summit.

Ann Yang (SFS’16) on Entrepreneurship and How to Make a Startup Work

Ann Yang, SFS’16, discusses the ups and downs of starting Misfit Juicery in her sophomore year at Georgetown in Cosmopolitan. She says, “We pitched the idea at Georgetown-sponsored pitch competitions and won about $6,000. That gave us just enough money — and confidence — to start the company.”

Bruce Hoffman on the Coming ISIS – Al Qaeda Merger

Professor Bruce Hoffman, Director of the Center for Security Studies, discusses the apparent fall of Al Qaeda five years ago, and taking seriously the threat of the ISIS – Al Qaeda merger to come in Foreign Affairs.

Engy Abdelkader On Islamophobia And How It Contributes To Terrorism

Engy Abdelkader, Assistant Director of Georgetown’s Bridge Initiative and adjunct professor at SFS, discussed Islamophobia and how it contributes to terrorist recruitment in Time. “Essentially, Muslim immigrants and minorities who feel “culturally homeless”—an inability to relate to the home or new culture they are in—may be attracted to a group that offers a strong sense of belonging.”

SFS On Topic: Brussels Attacks

SFS Faculty discuss the recent terrorist attacks by ISIS in Brussels. This is a collection of those stories, which will continue to be updated as the situation evolves.