SFS in the News

Bruce Hoffman On Barcelona Terror Attack

“For the jihadis, Spain is still very much a front-line country,” SFS Professor Bruce Hoffman told The New York Times, commenting on the terror attack in Barcelona.

David-Fox Discusses ‘Whataboutism,’ Trump

Professor Michael David-Fox discussed mechanism through which President Trump deflects queries by highlighting equivalencies and hypocrisies, linking the technique to Russia and Putin in an interview with Business Insider.

Fair on Corruption in Pakistan

Professor Christine Fair argued the judicial ouster of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is evidence of the Pakistani military’s deep hold on the government in an op-ed for Foreign Policy.

Kupchan Urges Transatlantic Unity on Ukraine

Professor Charles Kupchan argues that the United States would be making a dangerous and unproductive misstep by providing lethal weapons to Ukraine in an op-ed for the Washington Post.