The Four Pillars of the Centennial

  1. Faculty and Curriculum:
    Engaging with the Challenges of the 21st Century: Our faculty expertise and curriculum will reflect the new challenges facing the global order, particularly the role of business in global affairs and diplomacy; the impact of science and technology; the importance of human development, poverty reduction, and effectiveness in humanitarian crises; and the role of culture, religion, and the narrative arts in international relations.
  2. Innovative “Lab” Teaching:
    Educating a New Generation of Problem Solvers: The world faces multifaceted problems—climate change, migration, conflict mitigation, and terrorism, to name but a few—that demand new skills sets from global leaders and new approaches to integrating theory and practice across disciplines. SFS is creating the Centennial Labs, a new form of active learning built around complex problems that teaches students how to develop and implement actionable solutions. Additionally, SFS is offering critical research opportunities through which students can work with faculty to understand global problems from multiple perspectives.
  3. Making SFS Even More Global:
    Global Experiences and International Scholarships: To maintain its status as one of the most global schools in the nation, SFS will attract an increasingly internationally diverse student body and ensure that all students test their skills in a genuine global experience. To continue to compete at the highest level, SFS seeks to provide financial aid for all accepted students—especially international students. The school also aims to make a global experience available to every undergraduate—teaching students first-hand how to effect change in a global context.
  4. A Renewed ICC:
    Designing a Collaborative and Inspirational Home for International Affairs at Georgetown University: Our space in the world’s most influential city will inspire collaboration across our institution. The leadership of the school aims to create an inspiring space at the heart of the nation’s capital that can serve as a centerpiece for Georgetown’s engagement with the world, unifying our campus around Georgetown’s global ambitions. The ICC serves a large part of our campus community and serves as a center of gravity for academic and student activity throughout the year.

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