Undergraduate Programs, Fellowships & Research

There are a number of ways you can distinguish yourself as an undergraduate in the Walsh School of Foreign Service. SFS offers a wide range of fellowships and programs for research and study. Undergraduates can pursue scholarships toward internships, travel for academic research, study abroad opportunities, economic conferences, and more. SFS also offers early assurance and accelerated master’s degree programs for qualified undergraduates.


Latin Honors

In order to ensure that Latin honors represent a mark of distinction, they will be calculated within designated percentiles according to the following rules (beginning with the graduating class of 2017). Please note that in all cases, honors are determined by percentiles in each school (including SCS) and that all students receiving the BSFS degree (in SFS or SFSQ) will be considered together. Degrees are conferred with honors based on the student’s final cumulative grade point average.

  • The lowest grade point average (GPA) of the top five percent (5.000%) of the previous year’s graduating class will be used to determine the GPA needed by the undergraduate students of the next graduating class to graduate Summa Cum Laude.
  • The lowest GPA of the next ten percent (i.e., the top 15-5.001%) of the previous year’s graduating class will be used to determine the GPA needed to graduate Magna Cum Laude.
  • The lowest GPA of the next ten percent (i.e., the top 25-15.001%) of the previous year’s graduating class will be used to determine the GPA needed to graduate Cum Laude.

Graduation honors for the Class of 2017 (which includes August 2016, December 2016, and May 2017 graduates) will be awarded on the following basis:

  • Summa Cum Laude: 3.912 and above
  • Magna Cum Laude: 3.844 and above
  • Cum Laude: 3.772 and above

Phi Beta Kappa

Founded at the College of William and Mary in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is an academic honor society that recognizes scholarly attainment in the liberal arts and sciences. The Georgetown Chapter, Delta of the District of Columbia, was founded in 1964.

Membership is extended to up to the top ten percent of the graduating class, and the top two percent of the junior class, from the School of Foreign Service, the College, and Health Studies and International Health majors in the School of Nursing and Health Studies.

For more details on accelerated graduate degree programs, click here.

Fellowships and Research

Alexander Lezhnev Research Travel Grant

The Alexander Lezhnev Research Travel Grant was established by Virginia D. Lezhnev for undergraduates who have papers accepted at international conferences.  The Grant is for travel, supplies, and other related expenses while attending the conference.

Alvarez Memorial Scholarship

The Alvarez Memorial Scholarship provides scholarship awards to SFS students who, due to limited financial resources, would otherwise be unable to accept non-paying public interest internships or research assistantships. The Scholarship is available for current students who receive need-based financial aid from the University.

BSFS Dean’s Undergraduate Fund

The School of Foreign Service Undergraduate Dean’s Fund offers academic year grants for either thesis projects or other academic research. All School of Foreign Service students, first year through fourth year, are encouraged to apply. Students may apply for up to one grant per semester with a maximum of two grants per year. Students may apply in groups or individually. To apply, please fill out the application form. The committee reviews applications on a bi-monthly basis and the committee will not consider last minute requests. For questions please email Shelby Roller at sar283@georgetown.edu.The Dean’s Fund is no longer accepting applications. Applications will once again be accepted starting June 15, 2019.

Carroll Fellows Initiative

The Carroll Fellows Initiative helps its Fellows organize and support their pursuit of excellence in a community of like-minded peers. Carroll Fellows value hard work, patience, honesty, rationality, curiosity and learning. They treat their college years as a laboratory in leadership and define themselves as thinkers who do. Fellows also receive structured research training as part of the CFI Forum. Students apply to the Carroll Fellows in the fall of their first year.

Center Scholars

The School of Foreign Service Scholars Program will place SFS undergraduate students in different research centers, often tied to master’s programs, throughout the School. Students interested in national security might work with the Center for Security Studies, those interested in Asia with the Asian Studies Program, and so on. Scholars will work on professional projects, conduct advanced research, get to know graduate faculty and master’s students, and engage the intellectual life of the programs. The particulars will vary: some scholars might conduct research in teams for an international organization or corporation. Others would assist Georgetown scholars in their research. Still others might do independent work under the supervision of a graduate student and professor. All scholars, however, will be part of a small group focused on cutting-edge research and important issues in the world today. Scholars will be with the centers and programs for at least a year.An information session for interested students will be held in February, and the application process will be announced in March. If you have any questions please contact Shelby Roller (sar283@georgetown.edu).

PLEASE NOTE: Your application is not complete until you complete the online application form AND submit a personal statement (250 words max), a resume, and 5-page writing sample to Shelby Roller (sar283@georgetown.edu). Please submit these items as a single PDF.

Carroll Round

The Carroll Round is an annual international economics conference at Georgetown University that provides a unique forum for research and discussion among the world’s top undergraduates. The goal of the Carroll Round is to foster the exchange of ideas among leading undergraduate international economics and political economy students by encouraging and supporting the pursuit of scholarly innovation in the field.

China Studies Fellowships

Undergraduates, graduating seniors and graduate students with advanced Chinese language ability can apply for one of six China Studies Fellowships, including tuition, room, and board, at National Chengchi University.

Circumnavigators Club Fellowship

For more information on this fellowship, look in The Globe.

Georgetown Office of Fellowships, Awards, and Resources (GOFAR)

The Georgetown Office of Fellowships, Awards, and Resources (GOFAR) provides guidance and support to students and alumni pursuing a broad range of merit-based fellowships, scholarships, and awards for domestic and international study, research, and professional development – from the Rhodes Scholarship to the Fulbright Fellowship. For more information about fellowship opportunities and the support that GOFAR provides to student scholar and professional development, please visit gofar.georgetown.edu/ofa or email gufa@georgetown.edu.

Georgetown Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (GUROP)

GUROP offers all students the opportunity to conduct research with a faculty member in their discipline.  Students are matched with faculty doing research within an area of interest and commit 60 hours/semester to the specific project.

Georgetown University Undergraduate Research Symposium

The symposium gives undergraduates students in all fields of research an opportunity to present their work to the Georgetown community in a formal setting. Applicants need only send an abstract and an outline to be considered.  Work is shared through poster presentations, moderated panel discussions, and individual presentations. The symposium also honors the faculty mentors who facilitate undergraduate research at Georgetown.

Improving the Human Conditions Grant

The Improving the Human Condition Grant offers funding to BSFS students engaged in meaningful summer projects that improve the quality of life for others. These projects may be conducted through structured internships, research assistantships, or independent work. Students engage in short-term, hands-on projects in the international arena. Domestic projects with an international focus are also considered. The selection committee looks for students who have a commitment to social causes and an understanding of how their passion and experiences supplement and enhance their academic work. Past recipients, graduating seniors, and students on leave may not apply for the Improving the Human Condition Grant. All other students are encouraged to submit an application. Applications will be accepted from January 1st, 2019 through March 15, 2019. For more information and eligibility requirements, please review the FAQ.

Institute Study of Diplomacy Fellows

The Junior Fellowship in Diplomacy program provides selected BSFS undergraduates an opportunity to pursue independent study projects that focus on recent and current diplomatic problems, issues and questions.  Students are paired with an advisor to research a project of their choosing and participate in other activities during the fellowship.  Students apply in the spring of their junior year to the fellowship which offers academic credit and a tuition stipend.

Mark Adamsson Prize

The Mark Adamsson Prize is awarded each year to a member of the SFS junior class. It honors the memory of Mark Adamsson, an SFS student who passed away unexpectedly in 2015. The Prize of $5,000 supports a summer-long international project which may take the form of research or an equally rewarding and useful initiative to make the world a better place. Winners are expected to provide a brief report on their summer’s work by the end of September of their senior year, to be shared with the Dean’s office, past winners of the Prize, and friends and family of Mark Adamsson. Applications are due on Thursday, November 15th, 2018 at 11:59PM.

Mortara Undergraduate Research Fellows program (MURFS)

The School of Foreign Service and the Mortara Center for International Studies sponsor the Mortara Undergraduate Research Fellows Program. As part of the University’s strong commitment to undergraduate research, a select group of SFS students partner with professors as research-assistants and potential co-authors on complex research projects throughout their undergraduate career.

National Honor Societies

Students in the School of Foreign Service are eligible for election to Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Sigma Nu (Jesuit National Honor Society), Omicron Delta Epsilon (Economics National Honor Society), Pi Sigma Alpha (National Honor Society in Political Science), Phi Alpha Theta (International Honor Society in History), Pi Delta Phi (National French Honor Society), Sigma Delta Pi (National Spanish Honor Society), Phi Lambda Beta (Portuguese National Honor Society), and Dobro Slovo (National Slavic Honor Society).

National Scholarships and Fellowships

School of Foreign Service students can apply for over a dozen scholarships and fellowships to conduct research in any discipline both during and after their undergraduate studies through the GOFAR office. SFS students have successfully competed for prestigious awards including Rhodes, Fulbright, Truman and Mitchell Scholarships.

Paul Pelosi Scholars

The mission of the Pelosi Scholars Initiative is to provide exceptional SFS undergraduate students with the professional skillset and network of practitioners and scholars necessary to address the most pressing international challenges of our time.  In keeping with the school’s century-long tradition of preparing students for public service and global leadership, PSI enables students to complement their rigorous academic coursework with mentorship and professional experience in order to recognize their full potential as women and men for others. Applications are due November 9, 2018, recommendation letters November 12, 2018. To complete an application, please click here.

Peter F. Krogh Honors Seminar

Named for the Dean Emeritus of the School of Foreign Service, this seminar offers 15 highly qualified students the opportunity to work closely with a senior member of the faculty. The Krogh seminar always addresses a theme of central importance in international affairs, with the topic and professor changing from year to year. Students apply to participate in the seminar in their sophomore year.

Provost Undergraduate Research Presentation Awards (PURPAS)

The Office of the Provost announces a pilot program that provides funds for undergraduates who want to extend their undergraduate research efforts beyond the Georgetown campus in either traditional or innovative ways, in the form of conference presentations, publications, or performances. The Provost Undergraduate Research Presentation Awards (PURPAS) support students who want to bring the findings of their research to a professional or scholarly community, or to other venues.  There are multiple mechanisms for supporting thesis and independent research on campus, such as tutorials, GUROP, Raines, Kalorama, and various research fellowships.  However, limited funds are available for the creative and expansive dissemination of the results of research, through, for example, conference presentations, publications, and performances.

Walsh Exchange

The Walsh Exchange is an undergraduate international relations research conference held in April.  Focusing on the three broad themes of international institutions, international politics and security, and area studies, the Exchange affords top students the ability to gain greater exposure for their research by presenting in a formal conference setting.