Undergraduate Resources

The School of Foreign Service takes pride in the resources available to our students, from faculty and administrative advisors to library and research guides. We encourage students in the SFS to take charge of their academic careers at Georgetown with the help of the resources on this page.

Academic Requirements

All SFS students must fulfill the requirements of the interdisciplinary core curriculum including classes in philosophy, theology, writing, government, economics and geography, as well as a language proficiency requirement. Every major has its own additional requirements, and SFS students have other opportunities including additional language study or writing a seniors honor thesis. The School of Foreign Service takes academic integrity very seriously. Every student is required to complete the online Scholarly Research & Academic Integrity Tutorial during the first semester. Students also receive instruction on proper forms of citation and how to avoid plagiarism in first year courses such as the Proseminar. Please visit the Honor System website for more information. Click here to view a detailed list of core curriculum. Click here to view information about each major. Click here to view degree requirements necessary to graduate. Click here to view information regarding language study and proficiency requirements. Click here to view language placement guidelines. Click here to view SFS academic standards. Click here to view major learning goals. Click here for information regarding the completion of a senior honors thesis.  

Advising and Appointments

The School of Foreign Service strongly believes that the relationships our students form with faculty and administrators should be personal, accessible, and valuable. With this goal in mind, the SFS uses a dual-advisory system that allows students to take advantage of both faculty academic expertise and specialized guidance offered by the Dean’s Office. Click here to make an appointment with your dean.

Programs and Fellowships

SFS offers a wide range of fellowships and programs for research and study. Undergraduates can pursue scholarships toward internships, travel for academic research, study abroad opportunities, economic conferences, and more. SFS also offers early assurance and accelerated master’s degree programs for qualified undergraduates. Click here to explore in depth our fellowship offerings. Click here for more details on accelerated graduate degree programs.  


Are you a sophomore ready to declare your major, looking to approve a non-Georgetown University summer course, or a senior preparing your senior clearance? All online forms can be found here. Additional forms, including Add/Drop forms, can only be found in hard copy in the SFS Dean’s Office.  

Incoming Students

Welcome to the SFS, new Hoyas! We are eager for you to join us on campus and begin your journey in the Georgetown tradition. As you prepare to begin your first year on the hilltop, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the logistics of your transition from high school or another university to the School of Foreign Service. Click here to view information regarding language placement. Click here for information regarding the transfer of advanced credits (eg. AP and IB).