Susan Martin Discusses Environmental Impact of Refugee Camps

The Caravel interviewed Professor Susan Martin about her State Department sponsored research on the environmental impact of refugee camps. Martin and Professor Mark Giordano, who also received the grant, will examine how the presence of large populations of refugees in camps over long periods of time has affected the quality, quantity, and usage of natural resources.

ISIM’s Priorities for U.S. Immigration Reform

A panel of five public policy experts and researchers convened at Copley Formal Lounge to discuss the most urgent priorities for potential immigration reform. The panel focused on the findings of the report Priorities for U.S. Immigration Reform, published by Georgetown University’s Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM).

John R. McNeill on Environmental History and International Affairs

Professor John Robert McNeill spoke with E-International Relations about the impact of environmental history on policy decisions and international relations. On the importance of studying ecological history, he said, “Human history is a subset of ecological history and, for many subjects but not all, best understood within that matrix.”

ISIM Publishes Report on Priorities for U.S. Immigration Reform

The Institute for the Study of International Migration, with the support of the MacArthur Foundation, organized a series of public presentations, as well as expert roundtables that addressed the multiple challenges of immigration reform. The aim of the project was to inform debate on immigration reform, with a focus on addressing the challenges of implementation. This final report summarizes those debates.

Institute For The Study Of Diplomacy Welcomes New Associates and Fellows

Georgetown University’s Institute for the Study of Diplomacy is proud to announce its new cohort of diplomats and military and intelligence officers as the 2015-2016 ISD Associates and Senior Fellows. As part of their residencies, these practitioners will teach at both the graduate and undergraduate level, support ISD-sponsored simulations, and conduct informal seminars.

On the Margins: Noncitizens Caught in Countries Experiencing Violence, Conflict and Disaster

In 2014, the Governments of the United States and the Philippines launched the Migrants in Countries in Crisis Initiative (MICIC), to address the impact of crises—conflicts and natural disasters—on migrants. As part of ISIM’s research in this area, Sanjula Weerasinghe and Abbie Taylor published an article on the topic in the Journal on Migration and Human Security.

Walsh Exchange Conference Evolves in 4th Year

The Hoya published an article on the Fourth Annual Walsh Exchange, one of the only undergraduate international relations research conferences in the country. The conference will be held the weekend of April 10-12. and will feature a keynote address from…