Faculty Research

Lagon on U.S. Role in Future of UNHCR

Professor Mark P. Lagon examined the legacy of recent U.S. leadership of the U.N. Human Rights Council and the potential future of the UNHCR in research published by the Council on Foreign Relations.

CIRS Fellow Mohamed Zayani Receives Book Prize

CIRS Research Fellow Mohamed Zayani’s book on cyber activism has been awarded the 2016 Toyin Falola Africa Book Award, which is conferred by the Association of Global South Studies (AGSS) to recognize the best book on Africa.

Hoffman Article on Global Terror Threat in CTC Sentinel

Professor Bruce Hoffman, in an article for the CTC Sentinel, discusses counterterrorism challenges facing the next presidential administration. In the article, he discusses the continuing threat of ISIS, along with the growing threat of al-Qaida and other violent extremist groups.

Gallucci and Cha Discuss New Policy and Strategy for North Korea

Professor Victor Cha and Professor Robert Gallucci compiled research for the George W. Bush Institute’s Human Freedom Initiative on the need for the next U.S. presidential administration to devise a new strategy and policy regarding North Korea. In the report, the risks posed by North Korea to the United States are highlighted.

Daoudy explores factors behind Syria-Turkey relations

Professor Marwa Daoudy recently published “The Structure-Identity Nexus: Syria and Turkey’s Collapse (2011)” with Cambridge Review of International Affairs. This research looks at structural and identity-based factors to explain the shift in Syria and Turkey’s relationship following the Arab Spring.

Charles King

King Gets NEH Grant for Book on Pioneering Anti-Racist Anthropologist

Professor Charles King received funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities to write a book that analyzes the work of a group of early 20th-century social scientists, including Franz Boas, and their fight against racism and other forms of prejudice, to be published in 2019.

Donato Publishes Paper On Globalization and Illegal Migration

Professor Katharine Donato, Director of the Institute for the Study of International Migration, writes in the Annals of American Academy of Political and Social Science that illegal migration is a relatively new phenomenon that emerged in the second era of capitalist globalization. Donato argues that the potential for illegal migration is greater now because of climate change and growing civil conflict in poor nations.

Charles King

King Receives Grant for Book on Pioneering Anthropologists

Professor Charles King has received a grant from the National Endowment for Humanities to write a book on Frank Boas and his peers, a group of anthropologists who challenged conceptions about race and helped develop cultural anthropology in the early twentieth century.

Steven Radelet On Africa’s Rise – Interrupted?

Professor Steven Radelet’s article “Africa’s Rise—Interrupted?” was featured in the June 2016 issue of the IMF’s Quarterly, Finance and Development. Radelet argues that in order for African countries to manage the global slowdown—alongside other growing threats such as climate change—they will need to diversify their economies, increase competitiveness, and further strengthen institutions of governance.