The Hoya Discusses Newly Approved SFS Language Minors

The SFS Dean’s Office announced Tuesday that SFS students, starting with the class of 2017, will now be able to pursue language minors through the College language departments. “We want SFS students to communicate with others, no matter where they are or what they’re doing,” said SFS Dean Hellman.

SFS Announces New Language Minors

School of Foreign Service students will be allowed to pursue language minors this fall, the first minors the undergraduate program has ever permitted. Pursuing a language minor allows SFS students to go beyond proficiency, learning the finer points of a foreign language and the wealth of knowledge that brings.

Anti-Semitism in Europe: ‘The devil that never dies’

The Washington Post highlighted the Center for Jewish Civilization’s day-long conference on, “Understanding Contemporary European Anti-Semitism.” The conference featured scholars, U.S. officials and members of prominent Jewish organizations discussing the issues.

SFS Student Wins People’s Choice Award At “Entrepreneurship: A Force for Good”

Students from across Georgetown University gathered to share their socially conscious business ideas at “Entrepreneurship: A Force for Good” on Feb. 18 at the university’s McDonough School of Business. Kesiah Clement (SFS ’19) won the People’s Choice Award for Ciudadano, an online learning platform to make the U.S. citizenship process easier.

Ben Rhodes Delivers Oscar Iden Lecture On U.S. National Security Policy

The Institute for the Study of Diplomacy recently presented the 2016 Oscar Iden Lecture on American Foreign Policy and International Diplomacy. This year’s lecturer, Ben Rhodes, Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications, discussed President Obama’s national security policy.

Crossing the Border: Kino Border Immersion Program

Look at any map and you will find borders. Some are formed by topography—a mountain range, the ancient path a river has gouged—but most are largely theoretical and political, drawn by human hand as a result of war, negotiation or expediency. Borders ask the question of whether they exist to keep something in or keep something out.

Georgetown Supports U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

In November, the United Nations released 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Each of the goals was meticulously constructed with insight from countries across the globe and has specific targets to help focus achievement efforts. Professors, student groups, and research initiatives at Georgetown University are doing their part to advance each of the global goals.